In Case of Emergency...

An emergency is defined as any situation where an immediate threat to life or property exists and immediate action or assistance is needed.

Situation-specific emergency procedures

Evacuation procedure  

Shelter-in-place procedure

Emergency procedures wall card 

If an emergency occurs, take the following actions:

  • Remain calm.
  • If you are not in a safe area, move to an area that is safe.
  • Report the situation to police. Remain on the line or be available to answer questions and provide other critical information.
    • If the condition is life-threatening, dial 9-1-1 (or 9-9-1-1 from office phones).
    • If there are no telephones immediately available and it is safe to do so, send someone to notify the police.

In all other cases, dial the police non-emergency number: 

Campus Police Department phone numbers:

Diablo Valley College 925-969-2785 (From your cell phone please dial 925-680-7000)
San Ramon Campus 925-551-6212
District Office 925-229-1000

Office business hours:

For office hours, please visit: District Police Services

After business hours:

To make reports after normal business hours, please contact the appropriate police department dispatch center  below:

Diablo Valley College 925-288-4600
District Office 925-372-3440
San Ramon Valley Campus 925-646-2441

provide the dispatcher with your name, telephone call-back number, and location (including  campus, building, and room number). Provide the dispatcher with:

  • Nature of the incident
  • Description and names (if known) of any involved person
  • Last known direction of travel (when appropriate)

Remain on the line. Do not hang up until instructed to do so by the dispatcher.

Refer to the Emergency Operations Plan for additional actions.