The Commons Project

The entire project is a showcase for sustainable development, both inside and out. Many of the green features of the project are created out of synergies between the building and landscape including captured water runoff that is treated in storm water gardens, and re-using for plumbing within the building. This project is expected to achieve LEED Gold. More information about the Commons Project.

Transit Center

Our gorgeous new transit center makes taking public transportation to campus easier than ever. The County Connection offers new hybrid buses on many transit lines. Last year 3,528 Metric Tons of Greenhouse gases (CO2e) were saved by people who chose County Connection instead of driving.

Solar panels

The solar panels in the parking lots are saving thousands of dollars on energy costs while protecting our our cars from the winter rain, and summer heat.


For more information visit the recycling page.

Water conservation

DVC recently won an award for water conservation! Diablo Valley College (DVC) took a number of steps that greatly reduced their water usage and was recognized for their efforts. Granted by the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (CCCSD), the water saving award was presented to DVC during the Sustainable Contra Costa Annual Awards Gala as an act of appreciation for all of DVC’s work in conserving their water supply.
DVC’s Building and Grounds department has made irrigation issues a priority and instituted several new conservation efforts, including the use of recycled water in DVC’s lavatories and Horticulture department.

Program offerings for Alternative Energy Systems

The photovoltaic systems program at Diablo Valley College prepares students for jobs such as photovoltaic systems installers, designers and sales people. Students gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in areas related to construction and energy.

Environmental Sustainability Committee

Charge/Function: An environmental sustainability Committee is in place to promote environmental awareness among faculty, staff, and students.

The committee develops recommendations to the college that are designed to:

promote throughout the College community conservation of resources, energy efficiency, waste reduction and recycling, pollution prevention, increased reliance on renewable resources, and other measures consistent with sustainable living.

The Sustainability Committee hosts an Earth Day Celebration every year in April and a Bike to Work Day every year in May.

For more information, download the DVC sustainable brochure (pdf)


Sustainability Meeting minutes:


Meeting Minutes: October 27, 2016

Meeting Minutes: September 22, 2016

Meeting Minutes: August 25, 2016