Humanities and Philosophy

Humanities and Philosophy

Chair: Robert Abele
Division: Applied and Fine Arts
Directory: Please call the Division Office at 925-969-2345 for Humanities/philosophy faculty and staff contact information

Possible career opportunities in humanities

The study of humanities can open up career opportunities in such diverse fields as advertising, banking, foreign service, journalism, law, public administration, publishing, and teaching.

Possible career opportunities in philosophy

For those who wish for a career in philosophy, teaching and research at the university level is an attractive option. There is also an emerging demand for experts in applied ethics, especially in the areas of medical, business, and environmental ethics.

Most career options will require an advanced degree.

Associate degree and certificate program information

Degrees and certificates offered by the Humanities and Philosophy Department

Associate in arts degree

  • Humanities
  • Philosophy

Associate in arts for transfer degree

  • Philosophy

Certificate of achievement

  • Philosophy


Humanities and Philosophy Department Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

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