Marketing and communications

The Diablo Valley College Marketing and Communications Office 

The Diablo Valley College Marketing and Communications Office (marketing office) offers a wide variety of marketing and graphic design services to our college community. The following list includes most of the things that we do, but if you don’t see something that you need included here, please don’t hesitate to ask…if your project helps promote DVC to our community, then we are happy to support you in any way that makes sense (and as our time permits!) Just ask!


College branding, logos, color use and language style

The Diablo Valley College Marketing and Communications Office promotes the college as a “brand.” We represent DVC as a unique college that is distinguished from all others. This approach promotes greater recognition by the general public.

Standards for using the college name, logo, color palette, seal and other items that identify Diablo Valley College are essential in marketing and promoting programs and services. A consistent approach to using the college branding reinforces DVC’s public image with the communities we serve.

The DVC Style and Logo Guidelines pertain to anything that is distributed to the internal or external community including (but not limited to): newsletters, brochures, information packets, advertising materials, handouts and flyers, web pages, social media pages, and reports. We also ask that you follow our guidelines when purchasing any commercial products or “give away” items displaying the college name. If you need help, please contact us.

The easiest way to ensure that you stay within our style guidelines is to bring your project to our office so our graphic designers can create it for you. But for those who would like to design your own flyer, poster, or brochure, the guidelines will help clarify the most frequently asked questions and challenges. Please bring any self-designed projects to the marketing office for final approval prior to production or publication.

Custom design and editorial work

Our graphic designers are happy to help you with the design and production of your promotions project. We also offer editorial support including proofing for style and readability and copy editing as needed. We do editorial, design and production work on a wide variety of products for many different promotional and communications uses.

  • Design and production support for brochures and major publications -- If you are thinking about creating a brochure or promotional piece to communicate your program or services to the external community, the marketing office has a simple but effective Creative Brief form that will help you think about your project objectives so that we can design a piece that will effectively communicate your program features to your target audiences. Once we have defined your project, the marketing office will take your project from start to finish providing editorial support, custom design, photography (as needed), and production.
  • Design and print four-color posters and flyers for campus programs and events. Please allow four weeks (design and production) for projects like posters, flyers, invitations and programs. Please fill out a Graphics job/Project request form.
    • Due to the high volume of work that comes through this office, we are only able to print four-color projects that have been designed in our office.
    • We will not be able to do “last-minute” projects to promote any event that is less than two weeks from the poster production date. (Allow four weeks from the time you bring it in.)
    • Due to the limitations of our equipment, we cannot print orders over 30 pieces in our office. We can recommend convenient, local vendors that you can work with.
  • Photography support is offered for custom design work. All other photography is offered only as our time permits (and on a very limited basis.) We are happy to photograph campus and community events if we can use this work for our website and for other campus publications. Please give us as much notice as possible, especially if you have a request for photography for an evening or weekend event. We will evaluate the request based on our available time and the college wide usefulness of the photographs we are able to take.
  • Template design for self-designed posters, flyers, brochures, etc. To ensure appropriate use of our college name, logo, and colors for your self-designed projects, we offer a variety of templates for quick posters, flyers, brochures and even PowerPoint presentations!
  • Award and recognition certificates We are happy to share our experience and expertise by providing layout and design consultation for all of your college certificate needs, but because of the excessive “administrative” time involved in producing these certificates, we are no longer able to create these certificates ourselves.

Major college publications

The DVC catalog and schedule of classes for both Pleasant Hill and San Ramon Campus are coordinated, designed and published by the Marketing and Communications Office. The catalog is published in June with an addendum published in August. Our schedules are only published online and published in March (summer), April (fall), and November (spring). 

Digital communications

The Marketing and Communications Office is committed to saving money, reaching more students, and taking a “greener” approach whenever possible, by examining our use of printed material and cutting back wherever possible. We are trying to reduce the number of schedules and catalogs that we print each year in favor of digital formats. We also communicate with the internal college community via email and the web and have eliminated printed newsletters and other internal communications. Digital communication support includes:

  • DVC class schedules
  • DVC resource guide
  • DVC Newsmakers
  • DVC Student Success Stories
  • Electronic announcements to the DVC community
  • DVC master calendar support
  • Student eConnect newsletter – student email blast
  • Social media coordination (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Active Campus Portal

DVC website

Our office is responsible for the overall content, navigation and visual design of the college website, while the IT department is responsible for the backend support and functionality of the site. Each department, program, service or administrative area on campus is responsible for the content of the individual pages that include information about their area, programs or service. The marketing office will offer editorial services and content consultation as requested (and as time permits), but the ultimate responsibility of the website belongs to all of us, not just marketing or IT.

Please let us know how we can help with your web pages. We offer the following support as time permits: (our web administrator time is very limited, but even if we cannot respond immediately, we still would like to know your concerns.)

  • Content editorial support
  • Navigation consultation and support (within your area web pages)
  • Design and graphical support
  • College wide calendar support and training
  • Content management training and ongoing support (OmniUpdate)

College information packets

The Marketing and Communications Office provides colorful DVC branded information packets that can be customized for your community outreach or campus events. Stop by the office any time  to look through our selection of program brochures, student success stories, newsmakers stories, college fact sheet, and much more.

Diablo Valley College business cards

The Marketing and Communications Office processes orders for all college business cards. Complete a business card order form online, or stop by the office to pick one up. You will need a campus GL# and authorizing signature to process your business card order.

Other publications

The Marketing and Communication Office creates special reports, and college planning documents among many other publication needs that come up throughout the year.

Program, event, and department marketing consultation and support

The DVC Marketing and Communications Office is charged with the marketing and promotion of campus wide initiatives, however we are more than happy to offer consultation support as time permits.

  • Press release editorial support and distribution - As time permits, we provide editorial and distribution support for press releases promoting campus news and events, as well as student, faculty and staff success stories, etc. We can share our media lists with the campus community, but we do not have the staffing available to make calls to the media to pitch individual stories, etc.
  • Marketing ideas and resources – We generally have many more ideas than resources. We are happy to meet with your department or program to share our ideas and experience for getting your program out in front of the community, we unfortunately are not able to provide the financial or human resources to get the job done.

Crisis communications

When a crisis arises, of which we have unfortunately had more than our share; our marketing director basically needs to drop everything else to work on various communications to internal and external stakeholders. Unfortunately, not a lot of other priorities get done during a media or communication crisis. Thanks for your understanding.

For additional information or support, please contact the Marketing and Communication Office:
Marketing and communications questions – 925-969-2048
Graphic design questions – 925-969-2054 or 925-969-2049
Website questions – 925-969-2050, 925-969-2054 or 969-2049