Courses to Consider

courses to consider



Current list of short term/late start classes with openings (pdf)

There's still time to add a late-start class! Check out some of these classes below!

machine art

Cut, mill and drill - Machine shop reopening!

Practical and theoretical aspects of machine tool processes. Includes the set-up and operation of the drill press, band saw, pedestal and horizontal grinder; lathes and milling machines.

Manufacturing Processes: Material Machining I

2 units
October 3 - December 12
Fridays, 12-6 p.m.


Could you build a bridge? What about an ATM? An airplane?

You will learn how an engineer starts a design process that ends up with a product or a result. Civil engineers design roads, mines, traffic flow, and dams. Electrical engineers design computers, satellites, TV sets, and ATM machines. Mechanical engineers design cars, engines, aircraft, and structures. The end results are different, but the process from start to finish is similar among the disciplines. You will also learn how to work with computer tools as well as some machine shop and woodworking equipment

Introduction to Engineering

3 units
September 5 - December 12
Online and Fridays, 9-10:50 a.m.