Welcome to DVC's Makeup Testing Center

Location: To be announced

Students and faculty planning to use Makeup Testing services should be sure to plan the times that students arrive at the center carefully, as the center cannot stay open outside its scheduled hours. In addition, faculty should be sure to go over the Academic Senate approved Guidelines For Use to learn the types of situations for which using Makeup Testing would be appropriate. In particular, please avoid sending large numbers of students to the Makeup Testing Center.

NOTE: The schedule and location of the Make Up Testing Center  for fall 2017 will be announced soon.  The center will provide services after September 5, 2017.


Additional Makeup Testing center information:

Faculty procedures  (pdf)

Makeup test instructor form  (pdf)

Student information  (pdf)

Makeup Testing Center rules

To reach the Coordinator:  makeuptest@dvc.edu

Reminder:  The Makeup Testing Center is not equipped to receive exams by email nor make copies of exams.