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Cooperative Work Experience Education (COOP)


What is a Cooperative Work Experience Education (COOP)?
COOP/Work Experience is an academic course that allows a student to earn credit for learning that takes place at your job or internship. Before a student enrolls in a CO-OP class they would have to first find a job/internship first. An international student is also able to work for you under the CO-OP program as long as their job relates to their major, be sure that they are qualified for a CO-OP program before they start working.


What is your role as an employer in the student’s CO-OP Program?

As an employer participating in the program your responsibilities are straightforward and possibly already a part of your relationship with your employee. Below are the three key responsibilities to assist your employee in being successful in their class.

1.    Assist them by checking over their objectives to ensure that they are practical and attainable.

2.    Supervise the student in their work to verify that they are working toward accomplishing their objectives.

3.    Meet with their instructor, on your schedule and at your place of business, to report on how the student accomplished their objectives, and to verify their hours worked.


What are objectives?

At the beginning of the CO-OP course program, you as the employer would be working together with the student’s instructors in order to set learning objectives that outline their goals for the semester. Those objectives will have to be signed off by you as the employer.


If you have any questions feel free to contact Diablo Valley College Cooperative Work Experience Education at 925-969-2042 or email dvccoop@dvc.edu.



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