Counseling directory

Applegate, Angie Counselor/Instructor (part-time)  
Armstrong, Terry Athletic/General Counselor 925-969-2150
Bailey, Jamie L. Athletic/General Counselor 925-969-2153
Brizzi, Alicia EOPS Counselor/Instructor 925-969-2166
Canada-Clarke, Yvonne Umoja/General Counselor/Instructor 925-969-2152
Carey, Valarie Counselor/Instructor (part-time)  
Carter, Cheryl Counselor/Instructor 925-969-2168
Conde, Kellie DSS Counselor 925-969-2171
Dannels, Lupe Counselor/Instructor 925-969-2156
Despins, Nicole DSS (part-time) Counselor  
Dorado, Maria

Puente/ General Counselor/

Instructor Department Chair

Dougan, Raine FYE, General Counselor/Instructor 925-969-2160
Foley, Stephanie Counselor  (part-time)  
Gonzales, Mike Counselor/Instructor 925-969-2164
Gonzalez, Brenda Counselor  (part-time)  
Handy, Eric Umoja, General Counselor/ Instructor 925-969-2167
Harrington-Tsai, Christie Counselor/Instructor  925-969-2158
Harris, Dawn Counselor/Instructor (part-time)  
Harrison, Taylor College Now, General Counselor/ Instructor 925-969-2169 
Hollis-Sachau, Shaeehea

PACE,  General Counselor / Instructor

Isham, Mark Counselor (part-time)  
Jamshidnejad, Christie Counselor/Instructor 925-969-2165 
Jester, Catherine DSS Counselor 925-969-2170 
Keesey, Michael Counselor (part-time)  
Lau, Sheila Articulation Officer & PACE Counselor/Instructor 925-969-2157
Lomeli, Rosa Counselor/Instructor (part-time)  
Lopez, Jessica Counselor/Instructor (part-time)  
Luciano, Nancy Counselor - San Ramon/Pleasant Hill 925-866-6238 
Munday, Matt International Counselor/Instructor 925-969-2149
Munoz, Ted Counselor/Instructor Department  Vice  Chair 925-969-2136
Nakano-Hiraki, Hideo Counselor/Instructor 925-969-2166
Pamintuan, Khrystyn Counselor/Instructor 925-969-2151
Peters, Rob Counselor (part-time)  
Rose, Rudolf Counselor/Instructor (part-time)  
Santana, Camille Counselor/Instructor (part-time)  
Stanfield, Paula EOPS Counselor 925-969-2161
Steffan, Todd Counselor (part-time)  
Wade, Tina Jung Counselor/Instructor 925-969-2155
Warren, Carolyn Counselor/Instructor - San Ramon/Pleasant Hill 925-866-1822 
Wembes, Justin Counselor/Instructor 925-969-2159 
Zaragoza, Miguel Counselor (part-time)   
Counseling and Support Services
Garcia, Christine R. Office Assistant II 925-969-2141
Mangante, Lucilla Senior Office Assistant 925-969-2138 
Martin, Ray Senior Office Assistant 925-969-2144
  Senior Office Assistant 925-969-2142 
 Siliga, Zachary Office Assistant II  925-969-2147 
Counseling, Office Supervisor
Walton-Woodson, Cathy Office Supervisor 925-969-2148
Hauscarriague, Beth Dean 925-969-2084
Galindo, Angie Administrative Assistant to the Dean 925-969-2084