Where to eat on campus
Where to eat on campus

Food services on campus

Located in the College Center Building, adjacent to the Quad, the cafeteria is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, serving entrees weekdays, and providing hot and cold food and beverages on the go. Vending machines are also located in the cafeteria and are available during the hours the college is open.

Basement Cafe
Located in the basement of the Student Union Building, the cafe is open weekdays and offers Starbuck's coffee, cold beverages, pastries, pizza, sandwiches, fresh soups, and salads at affordable prices.

Crow's Nest
Located between the Physical and Life Science Buildings, the Crow's Nest offers students quick and convenient food.

DVC food service catering
Food service catering offers a wide variety of food and beverage choices for your campus event needs.


DVC Culinary Arts program food services

Weekly culinary arts menus and more


DVC Pastry Shop
Located in the northwest corner of the quad by the cafeteria, the pastry shop offers fresh baked breads, pastries, breakfast items, and desserts prepared daily from scratch by culinary arts students. The Pastry Shop is open during fall and spring terms.

Special orders are available upon request.

The Pastry Shop is open during the fall and spring terms.

The Pastry Shop is now open.


DVC Culinary Arts on-campus catering
Catering for groups, custom banquets and buffets are offered by the culinary arts students. On-campus catering is offered during spring and fall terms. For more information contact 925-969-2333.

The culinary arts catering is now open.

Special events request form


Express Bar
Now located in the Diablo Room (cafeteria dining area) adjacent to the Norseman Restaurant and operated by culinary arts students. The Express Bar offers students, faculty and the community casual meals such as pasta, and special daily entrees at affordable prices. Serving weekly specialty menus.

The Express Bar is open during the fall and spring terms.

The Express Bar is now open.


Norseman Restaurant
Located adjacent to the cafeteria and operated by culinary art students, the restaurant treats students, faculty and the community to fine dining at affordable prices. Call for operating hours, and to make reservations for lunch or special dinner series evening meals.

The Norseman Restaurant is open during the fall and spring terms.

The Norseman Restaurant is now open.