New students

First time college students, including graduating seniors 

In order to get priority registration and get in the classes you need new entering students must complete 1) application, 2) online orientation, 3) take the college assessment tests for English and Math, and 4) register for COUNS 095 to receive academic advising/educational planning before they enroll in classes.  Students who complete these steps will be able to register for classes before students who have not completed these steps.  Online orientation and assessment are completed late in the term prior to when you intend to start taking college classes, so it is important to submit your application for the correct term.  For example, if you intend to start classes in Fall 2014, you should apply for Spring 2014 or Summer 2014 so that you may take assessment tests and complete the COUN 095 class in preparation for selecting your fall schedule.

We recommend that you view and/or print our comprehensive Enrollment Guide for New Students for details of each step that new students must complete.  These steps include:

Every student who applies is issued a permanent student ID# and is granted a login to our InSite portal, which houses both the WebAdvisor registration system and your college issued email address. This InSite email address will be the primary method of contact and notifications from the college, so you will want to login as soon as you are granted access.

When selecting your schedule, make sure to note any course prerequisites. They are courses you must pass prior to registering the desired course. You should submit your prerequisite form and proof to Admissions and Records at least 3 business days prior to your registration date to avoid registration delays.

There are other steps and services that may serve you and should be explored:

  • Apply for Financial Aid and the Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOG)
  • Apply for Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS)

When you have read the Enrollment Guideapply to DVC to get started.

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