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Art Digital Media 

About art digital media certificates and degrees, and for information, contact the following:

Enrollment information
Contact the art digital media department, 925-969-2345

Joann Denning, 925-969-2255


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Art Digital Media
 Koym, Kimbelee Instructor    
 Seely, Michael Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7106 ATC110
Art and Photography (Digital Media)
 Anderson, Ruth Instructor (part-time)    
 Cohen, Eva Instructor (part-time)    
 Denning, Joann Instructor, Area Chair 925-969-2255 A-401
 Hustrulid, Ginelle Instructor (part-time)    
  King, Arthur Scott Instructor (part-time) 925-969-2257/2249 A-401
 Leeper, Kevin Instructor (part-time)   ATC-112A
 Oakes, Fletcher Instructor (part-time)    
 Reno, Christopher Instructor (part-time)   ATC-110
 Sussberg, Jason Instructor (part-time)   ATC-110
Art and Photography (Digital Media),Performing Arts (Film & BCA)
  Guevara-Flanagan, Kristy Instructor 925-969-2252 ATC-110

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