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What should I do after I take the Assessment test(s)?


Test Scores

If you happen to lose your score report that you receive on the day of testing you can always find your test results on your WebAdvisor account under Test Summary.  All students will receive a print out of their placement results on the day of testing. Please be aware that tests scores are valid for two years from the date of testing.

Not sure what those scores mean?  Click below for test score information and interpretation charts.


clm eg  esl  ch



If you are a new incoming freshman you will want to register for Counseling 095, an orientation to college class combined with academic counseling. As a new incoming student you will be unable to make an appointment with a counselor, so Counseling 095 is your only way to meet with a counselor to discuss your academic plan.

If you aren't a freshman then you would want to make an appointment with your counselor to discuss your placement and which class would be best suited to your needs.




Are you ready to make your appointment now?  Click on Step 6!

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