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Business Administration
 Valerie, Baake Instructor (part-time)    
 Diana, Bajrami Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7331 FO-136
 Peter, Churchill Instructor 925-969-2337 BFL-224
 Claudia, Eckelmann Instructor 925-969-2336 BFL-223
 Bob, Eddy Instructor (part-time)   BFL
 John, Fogli Instructor (part-time)    
 Kenneth, Germann Instructor 925-969-7503 BFL-219
 Raymond, Gilmore Instructor 925-969-2335 BFL-222
 Souleymane, Gueye Instructor (part-time)   FO-136
 Pamela, Hawkins Professor 925-969-2353 FO-246
 Grace, Hill Instructor (part-time)   BFL-222/223
 Maria, Ku Instructor (part-time)    
 Allan, Lacayo Instructor 925-969-2351 SSC-223
 Martha, Laham Instructor 925-969-2328 BFL-215
 Meldy, Langager Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7168 BFL-222/223
 Ron, Macaluso Instructor (part-time)   BFL
 Tim, Murphy Instructor 925-969-2332 BFL-219
 Gary, Pieroni Instructor, Department Chair 925-969-2334 BFL-221
 Gloria, Reimer Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7420 BFL-222/223
 Russ, Salmon Instructor (part-time)   BFL
 Carolyn, Seefer Instructor 925-969-2338 BFL-227
 Shahbaz, Shahbazi Instructor (part-time)    
 Charlie, Shi Instructor 925-969-2352 BFL-226
 Becky, Styles Instructor (part-time)   BFL-222/223
 Randall, Thompson Instructor (part-time)    
 Katie, Yazbeck Faculty (Part Time), Business Administration    
 Monique, Young Instructor (part-time)    

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