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Computer Science
 Blackburn, Daniella Instructor (part-time)    
 Burns, Robert Instructor, Department Chair 925-969-2483 FO-227
 Chern, Tony Instructor (part-time)    
 Colber, Valerie Instructor (part-time)    
 Fang, Yilin Instructor (part-time)    
 Fogg, Stu Instructor (part-time)    
 Kennedy, Fred Instructor (part-time)    
 Khaja, Gene Instructor 925-969-2612 LA-109
 Pentcheva, Caterina Instructor (part-time)   MA
 Schwarz, Bill Instructor (part-time)   MA
 Stewart, Robert Instructor (part-time)    
 Youn, Steve Instructor (part-time)    
 Zandi, Lily Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7404 MA-106
Computer Science and Computer Network Technology
 Asher, Leslie Instructor (Part-time)   MA
 Martucci, Cheryl Instructor 925-969-2486 FO-231/ATC-110A
Computer Science and Mathematics
 Calomino, Adrienne Instructor (part-time)   MA-106
Math and Computer Science; Business Education
 Ahola, Margie Senior Administrative Secretary   MA-267
Mathematics, Computer Science and Business Education
 Westlake, Rachel Dean 925-969-2689 MA-267

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