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Architecture and Engineering
 Daniel, Abbott Instructor, Department Chair 925-969-7523 ET-119D
 Grant, Adams Instructor   ET-100
 Garen, Avanessian Instructor   ET-124A
 Shelly, Brock Instructor   ET-116E
 Susanne, Cowan Instructor (part-time)   ET
 Marvin, Hamon Instructor (part-time)   AET-107
 Huey Ying, Hsu Instructor (part-time)   ET
 Seyyed, Khandani Instructor 925-969-2376 ET-119G
 David, Maynard Instructor (part-time)   ET
 Nail, Ozboya Instructor   PS-263
 Patrick, Palme Laboratory Equipment Technician I   ET-124C
 Mohammad, Panahandeh Instructor 925-969-2372 ET-119C
 Debra, Phelps Instructor, Area Chair 925-969-2378 ET-116F
 Tatjana, Polyakova Instructor (part-time)   ET
 Biliana, Stremska Instructor   ET-116E
 Elena, Tomlinson Instructor (part-time)   ET
 Susan, Vutz Instructor   ET-100
 Robert, Walsh Instructor   ET-100
 Sean, White Instructor (part-time)   ET-107
Architecture and Engineering (Apprenticeship and Construction)
 Joe, Valdez Instructor, Area Chair 925-969-2368 ET-119E
 David, Rivas Staff, Technician   ET124C
Physical Science and Engineering
 Chuck, Patterson Computer Center Technician II 925-969-2367 ET-116C
Physical Science and Engineering, Biological and Health Science
 Ray, Goralka Dean (Interim) 925-969-2651 LHS-211
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