Hotel and restaurant management - department directory
culinary arts department

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Hotel and Restaurant Management
 Beatty, Don Instructor (part-time)   BFL
 Bernhardt, Paul Instructor, Department Chair 925-969-2330 BFL-217
 Capozzo, Claude Instructor (part-time)   HRM
 Chavarria, Cinthia Program Coordinator 925-969-2333 BFL-220
 Draa, Chris Instructor 925-969-4300 CC
 Eustes, Bob Instructor 925-969-2331/4302 BFL-218
 Kessler, Michael Instructor (part-time)    
 Kodama, Masumi Instructor (part-time)    
 McGlynn, Brian Instructor 925-969-4301 HRM
 Moon, Judy Instructor (part-time)   BFL-204
 Townsend, John Instructor (part-time)   BFL-204
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