Podcasting and Profcasting
Podcasting and Profcasting at DVC

What is a Podcast? What is a Profcast?

Podcasting, as you may have read from the link above, is a useful way in which to communicate to an audience through an audio file. Using Profcast to generate a podcast allows a presenter to add his/her voice in with a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, uniting them together. If you are interested in developing podcasts or using Profcast with your PowerPoints, please review the links on this page, drop-in to Staff Development (AB 217) on Monday or Tuesday (11-2), or attend one of the workshops during Fall or Spring Flex or the Summer Technology Institute.

Podcast/Profcast file format

Because there are many programs available to make audio and video files on the pc and mac, you should save your files as follows if you develop your own content:

  • Audio: mp3
  • Enhanced audio (PowerPoint/Keynote + audio): m4a, m4b, or mov
  • Video: avi, m4v, mpeg 4, or mov
  • Text-based files: pdf

Typical software used to record audio, enhanced audio, and rolling screen narration

  • Audio: MovieMaker (pc)
  • Enhanced audio: Profcast (mac)
  • Rolling screenshot with audio: Jing (mac/pc), Camtasia (mac/pc), or Snapz Pro X (mac)
  • Enhanced audio: Garageband (mac)
  • Audio: Garageband or iMovie (mac)

Audio recording devices

  • Hand-held device (a digital recorder or smartphone or iPod/mp3 player with mic attachment)
  • Laptop computer using internal speaker or any computer using a usb or 1/8 inch mic attached
  • Save and label recording in mp3 format

Profcast: developing enhanced audio files (PowerPoint/Keynote slides +your Voice)

Sample an enhanced audio file

Once you click on the Sample File above, notice that there are chapter markers in this presentation so that you can skip around between slides. You can use the player controls to click forward or back or can click on the text headings to the right of the video controls and scroll up or down to the chapter you want listen to; then click play. You can also download the file by right-clicking on it.

The distinct advantage of Profcast, a program on the Mac, is that it unites PowerPoint/Keynote slides with your voice and creates chapter headings for each slide so that users can select a particular slide within your presentation or simply have a slide marker for your chapters (individual slides) to refer to as they listen.

Profcast development for students and faculty

If faculty are interested in developing a file like the Sample File above and do not have a Mac, they may check out one for in-class presentations or for on-campus development. Students and faculty can also use the Profcast program on a Mac in the Editing Suite of the Media Services area (which is on the first floor under the library building, room L 103). To book this room, go to the Media Services AV Counter. To use the development machines, please contact Neal Skapura at nskapura@dvc.edu.

  1. The program is simple. There are 4 only clicks with Profcast: Start the program; select your mic input; drag & drop your presentation into the center box; and click the red record button to start (it's very easy!).
  2. Please review this short explanation of Profcast and an enhanced audio file.
  3. New to the Mac or want to see how to use Profcast? Please review these short tutorials (4-5 minutes) to see how easy it is: Profcast tutorial 1 and Profcast tutorial 2. These tutorials are also on the Mac machines as well.

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