Physical Sciences, Physics, Astronomy, Geography (+GIS/GPS), and Geology - department directory

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Biological/Physical Sciences
Tish, Young Dean 925-969-4229 PS-263
Physical Science
Linda, Barnes Division Secretary 925-969-4231 PS-263
Krishna, Lanichhane Instructor (part-time)   PS-139
Jim, Lipscomb Instructor (part-time)   ET
Donggi, Liu Instructor (part-time)    
William, Logan Tutorial Program Assistant (hourly)   ET-116
Neil A. Nicol Instructor (part-time)   PS-139
Physical Science (Astronomy)
Karen, Castle Professor 925-969-4258 SC-313
Wayne, McKinney Professor (Adjunct)    
Paul, Sasse Professor 925-969-4257 SC-312
Physical Science (Geography)
James, Ellis Professor (Adjunct)   PS-263
Jill, Lear Professor (Adjunct)   PS-151
Michael, Quinn Professor (Adjunct)   PS-151
Binita, Sinha Professor 925-969-4214 PS-231
Michael, Whittier Professor (Adjunct)   PS-157
Ted, Wieden Professor 925-969-4215 PS-233
Maryam, Younessi Instructor (part-time)   PS
Physical Science (Geology)
Trey, Apel Instructor (part-time)    
Brian, Dreyer Instructor (part-time)   PS
Jean, Hetherington Professor 925-969-4202 PS-135
John, Karachewski Instructor    
Jason, Mayfield Professor, Department Chair 925-969-4205 PS-141
Russell, McArthur Instructor (part-time)   PS-109
Stephen, Vonder Haar Professor (Adjunct)   PS-149
Physical Science (Physics)
Andrew, Combs Professor (Adjunct)   PS-157
Michael, Connor Professor 925-969-4208 PS-147
Lynn, Delker Professor (Adjunct)   PS-157
Jane, Dignon Professor (Adjunct)   PS-139
William, Golightly Professor (Adjunct)   PS-149
Oshri, Karmon Professor   PS-133
Joe, Krivicich Professor   PS-145
John, Rodriguez Professor 925-969-4206 PS-143
Kevin, Shambrook Professor (Adjunct)   PS-157
Dave, Simkin Professor (Adjunct)   PS-139
Ted, Walker Professor 925-969-4200 PS-131
Fritz, Wilhelm Professor 925-969-4203 PS-137
Physical Science (Physics, Astronomy)
Steve, Goldenberg Professor (Adjunct)   PS-123A
Physical Science and Engineering
Chuck, Patterson Computer Center Technician II 925-969-2367 ET-116C
Physical Science and Engineering, Biological and Health Science
Ray, Goralka Dean (Interim) 925-969-2651 LHS-211
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