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San Ramon Campus

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Applied Arts and Social Science
Ayala, Anthony Instructor (part-time) x77319 West-152
Bendich, Jon Instructor (part-time) x57583 West-152
Borges, Veronica Instructor (part-time) x57584 West-152
Brewer, Catherine Instructor (part-time) x57501 West-152
Chapman, Russell Instructor (part-time) x57502 West-152
Dutta, Sneha Instructor (part-time) x22502 West-152
Ferrara, Megan Instructor, (part-time) x57536 West-152
Godinez, Rick Instructor, Dept. Chair x56232 West-141
Gummere, Mark Instructor (part-time) x57539 West-152
Haq, Sarah Instructor (part-time) x77642 West-152
Hendricks, Patrick Instructor (part-time) x57504 West-152
Higdon, Nolan Instructor (part-time) x57541 West-152
Holmes, John Instructor (part-time) x57505 West-152
Loden, Frances Instructor (part-time) x57510 West-152
Luciano, Nancy Instructor x56238 West-145
Martyn, Julianne Instructor (part-time) x57511 West-152
Miller, Jeremy Instructor (part-time) x77434 West-152
Munoz, Tedmund Instructor x56239 West-146
O'Neill, Barbara Instructor (part-time) x77103 West-152
Phalen, Caitlin Instructor (Part-Time) x22738 West-152
Pollock, Christopher Instructor (Part Time) x57550 West-152
Sage, Stephen Instructor (Part-Time)


Scalzi, Michael Instructor (part-time) x57515 West-152
Schaefer, Brian Instructor (part-time) x57557 West-152
Smock, James Instructor (part-time) x57516 West-152
Stamatakis, Jeannine Instructor (part-time) x57517 West-152
Steele, Margaret Instructor (part-time) x57564 West-152
Steinberg, Michael Instructor (part-time) x57565 West-152
Storer, Steven Instructor (part-time) x77111 West-152
Strasser, Elena Instructor (part-time) x77634 West-152
Tejada, Jennifer Instructor x56236 West-144
Tirado, Patricia Instructor (part-time)   West-152
Torre, Dorothy Instructor x56237 West-144
Warner, Penny Instructor (part-time) x57573 West-152
Wing, Laura Instructor (part-time) x57576 West-152
Computer Information Systems and Business Education
Bishop, Wanda Instructor (part-time) x57524 West-152
Frates, Jeffery Instructor (Part-Time) x77644 West-152
Germann, Kenneth Instructor (part-time) x57503 West-152
Huynh, Loc Instructor, Dept. Chair x56227 West-121
Millar, Vicki Instructor (part-time) x57513 West-152
Najarro, Mauricio Instructor x56228 West-125
Peavler, Jeanette Instructor (Part-Time) x22277 Wext-152
Ramoo, Ratha Instructor (Part-Time) x57552 Wext-152
Shokouhbakhsh, Ali Instructor x77653 West-125
Small, Bruce Instructor (Part-Time) x57586 Wext-152
Tejada, Mario Instructor x56225 West-121
Tontz, Jay Instructor (part-time) x57569 West-152
Turnbull, Andrew Instructor (Part-Time) x78016 Wext-152
Winkler, Loann Instructor (part-time) x57577 West-152
Wong, Albert Instructor (Part-Time) x77652 Wext-152
De Jesa, Napolean Custodian II x56244 Central Plant
Gabaldon, Tony Lead Custodian x56244 Central Plant
Paris, Gene Maintenance Mechanic x56245 Central Plant
Information Technology
Vohs, John Computer and Network Technician II x56240 West-201
Wilson, Chris Sr. Computer and Network Specialist x56241 West-201
Language Arts
Bowman, Graham Instructor, (part-time) x77184 West-152
Burgess, Susan Instructor, (part-time) x57528 West-152
Carbonell, Ana Maria Instructor, Dept. Chair x56226 West-124
Cole, Melinda Instructor, (part-time) x57530 West-152
Crouse, Marina Instructor x56223 West-120
Firestone, Diana Instructor, (part-time) x77648 West-152
Higgins, Nanci Instructor, (part-time) x57542 West-152
Holzer, Erin Instructor, (part-time) x77650 West-152
Morrow, Licia Instructor, (part-time) x57546 West-152
Pirie, Elizabeth Instructor, (part-time) x57514 West-152
Schmidt, Roxann Instructor, (part-time) x57558 West-152
Shackett, Chuck Instructor x56217 West-117
Shick, Christy Instructor, (part-time) x77646 West-152
Shlah, Zaid Instructor, (part-time) x57560 West-152
Sweet, Jane Instructor, (part-time) x57566 West-152
Swindle, Renee Instructor, (part-time) x57566 West-152
Vasudeva, Mary Instructor, (part-time) x57572 West-152
Math and Sciences
Abadia, Claudia Instructor (part-time) x57523 West-152
Akanyirige, Emmanuel Instructor x56231 West-141
Blatter, Dawnika Instructor (part-time) x57523 West-152
Coreno, Christine Instructor (part-time) x77643 West-152
Fitzgerald, Brandon Instructor (part-time) x57537 West-152
Gieng, John (Sin Hoa) Instructor (part-time) x77649 West-152
Gorga, Joseph Instructor x56216 West-117
Grabiner, Mark Instructor (part-time) x78015 West-152
Holmes, Michael Instructor (part-time) x57537 West-152
Horeis, Anne Instructor x56847 West-142
Huey, Elena Instructor (part-time) x77640 West-152
Jamasbi, Nooshin Instructor (part-time) x57508 West-152
Katz, Eric Instructor (part-time)r x77436 West-152
Lawrence, Diane Instructor (part-time) x57509 West-152
Levin, Anna Instructor x56233 West-142
Marrack, Lisa Instructor (part-time)   West-152
Martin, David Instructor (part-time) x77651 West-152
Mills, Robin Instructor (part-time) x57545 West-152
Mongold, Santina Instructor (part-time) x56211 East-239
Polishchuk, Boris Instructor (part-time) x57549 West-152
Polos, John Instructor (part-time) x57551 West-152
Sartain, Natalya Instructor (part-time)   West-152
Smirnov, Rostislav Instructor (part-time) x57562 West-152
Sparacio, Suzanne Instructor (Part-Time)   West-152
Sporer, Rene Instructor, Dept. Chair x56234 West-143
Sun, Ya-Lin Instructor (part-time) x77626 West-152
Triebwasser, Gary Instructor (part-time) x57570 West-152
Walters, Julie Instructor x56235 West-143
Wise, Andrew Instructor (part-time) x57578 West-152
Worden, Emily Instructor (part-time) x57580 West-152
San Ramon Campus
Admissions and Records x56261 West-150
Bookstore x56214 West-Learning Commons
Division Office x56202 West-132
Library 925-973-3380 Dougherty Station Library
Police Services x56212 West-Learning Commons
Student Services x56215 West-109
Costa, Kathleen Senior Dean               San Ramon Campus x56203 West-130
Cremin, Laura Science Lab Coordinator x56210 East-239
Curtis, Jennifer Admissions and Records x56205 West-150
Gardiner, Sandra Instructional Lab Coordinator x56205 East-174
Hibbard, Randy Police Services x56212 West-102
Kahue, Marc Police Services x56258 West-102
Lewis, Sally Admissions and Records x56208 West-150
Marr, Becky Bookstore x56213 West-107
McCollum, Maureen Admissions and Records x56207 West-150
Mongold, Santina Science Lab x56211 East-239
Phillips, Melody Satellite Business Services Coordinator x56202 West-132
Sarkar, Bobby Bookstore x56214 West-107
Uawithya, Ann Student Services Support Coordinator x56215 West-109

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