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Job description

Duties and responsibilities

Minimum qualifications

Desirable qualifications

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Job description

The President is the chief executive at the college. The President reports to the Chancellor and is responsible for the delivery of educational and other services provided by the college and for the supervision of the administrative staff and all educational programs and services of the college. The President provides high level direction regarding the overall operation of the college, its outreach locations and centers. The President delegates to the Vice President, Deans and Directors, the supervision of other administrative, teaching and classified staff.


Duties and responsibilities

  • Develops and maintains channels of communication with staff members regarding all aspects of college operations including curriculum; instruction; business administration; finance; planning; construction and maintenance of physical facilities; personnel; student services; and educational planning.


  • Maintains the college as a community institution by serving as the chief interpreter of the needs of the students and service area of the college, and promotes the development and implementation of needed programs and services.


  • Provides leadership for the college as whole, including, planning, development, implementation and evaluation of educational and fiscal programs of the college.


  • Assures compliance with college and District policies, state and federal regulations and requirements of accreditation agencies.


  • Provides administrative direction in the development and initiation of campus policies and procedures, as well as the organizational structure, which affect curriculum, instruction, student services and activities, and other college operations.


  • Presides over the decision-making process and participates in the governance structure of the college to ensure that final decisions and campus policies are in accord with the general District-wide policies and decisions officially adopted by the Governing Board.


  • Oversees the preparation of the annual college budget and directs operations of the college within the provisions of the budget once it is approved by the Governing Board.


  • Supervises, coordinates, and evaluates the general activities of all college administrators, and delegates to them such authority and responsibility as is required to perform their assigned duties.


  • Advises the Chancellor on matters related to District planning, policies, and operations as they affect the college.


  • Participates in hiring, training and evaluation of diverse faculty and staff highly qualified to achieve college goals.


  • Encourages professional excellence among faculty, staff and administration to achieve the college's mission and goals.


  • Maintains a highly visible leadership role in the communities served and develops strategic partnerships between educational institutions, corporations, businesses, civic and cultural organizations.


  • Serves as an advocate for the college and articulates the mission and vision of the college and the California Community Colleges locally, statewide and nationally.


  • Performs related duties as required.



Minimum qualifications



An earned doctorate from an accredited college or university is preferred. A master’s degree from an accredited college or university is required.



A minimum of five years of senior-level management experience, preferably in a community college environment. Three years of full-time teaching or student services experience. Demonstrated sensitivity to and understanding of diversity in the workplace and educational environment.


Desirable qualifications

  • A collaborative and visionary leadership style, with the ability to recognize, develop, evaluate, and implement innovative ideas and projects.


  • Ability to create a collaborative problem solving environment utilizing consensus-building decision making techniques.


  • Commitment to community college shared governance and the role of management, faculty, students and classified professional staff.


  • Experience in collective bargaining with an interest based approach to problem solving and demonstrated commitment to non-adversarial relations and appreciation of high employee morale.


  • Understanding of and recent experience with accreditation standards and processes.


  • Successful experience in resource development, fiscal planning and management including the allocation of funds in a transparent and equitable manner.


  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion by creating an environment of equity for both students and employees.


  • Commitment to a student centered environment with integrated educational and student services programs that foster student life, learning and success.


  • Three years of collegiate level classroom teaching and/or student services experience preferred.


  • Successful experience fostering relationships and maintaining a highly visible leadership role with community groups, public agencies, industry, government and other educational institutions.


  • Ability to effectively advocate for the College within a multi-college district, while supporting the mission of the District and its colleges.


  • Experience with development and implementation of Facilities Master Plan to include design and environmental sustainability.


  • Understanding of the unique role of shared governance in California Community Colleges as they pertain to academic and professional matters, Title 5, California Education Code.


  • Ability to work effectively with a college that has multiple locations.



Compensation and benefits

Salary, length of contract and other terms and conditions of employment will be dependent on experience. The district offers an excellent benefits package which includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance, disability insurance and membership in the State Teachers’ Retirement System.


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