San Ramon staff directory

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Applied Arts and Social Science

Angevine, Avril Instructor (part-time) x77181 West-152
Brewer, Catherine Instructor (part-time) x57501 West-152
Brown, Nancy Instructor (part-time) x57526 West-152
Ernst, Stephanie Instructor (part-time) x57535 West-152
Ferrara, Megan Instructor (part-time) x77059 West-152
Flint, Benjamin Instructor (part-time) x77079 West-152
Godinez, Rick Instructor x56232 West-141
Gummere, Mark Instructor (part-time) x57539 West-152
Haq (Astarte), Sarah Instructor (part-time) x77642 West-152
Hendricks, Patrick Instructor (part-time) x57504 West-152
Holmes, John Instructor (part-time) x57505 West-152
Jollymore, Annie Instructor (part-time) x77117 West-152
Knight, Devaney Instructor (part-time) x78409 West-152
Levine, Marcelle Instructor (part-time) x78370 West-152
Loden, Frances Instructor (part-time) x57510 West-152
Luciano, Nancy Instructor x56238 West-145
Noonan, Alexander Instructor (part-time) x78515 West-152
Parks, Ashley Instructor (part-time) x78504 West-152
Petrovic, Tijana Instructor (part-time) x78542 West-152
Phalen, Caitlin Instructor (part-time) x22738 West-152
Pollock, Christopher Instructor (part time) x57550 West-152
Quilici, Geraldine Instructor (part-time) x78296 West-152
Sage, Stephen Instructor (part-time) x77090 West-152
Scalzi, Michael Instructor (part-time) x57515 West-152
Schaffer, Bridgitte Instructor x56248 West-120
Selby, David Instructor (part-time) x78750 West-152
Steinberg, Michael Instructor (part-time) x57565 West-152
Tandeta, Hannah Instructor (part-time) x57568 West-152
Tejada, Jennifer Instructor, Department Chair x56236 West-144
Torre, Dorothy Instructor x56237 West-144
Tsukamaki, Patrick Instructor (part-time) x78247 West-152
Tsuruta, Takemi Instructor (part-time) x77028 West-152
Warren (Rudolph), Carolyn Instructor x56239 West-146
Wing, Laura Instructor (part-time) x57576 West-152
Xydas, Christina Instructor (part-time) x77627 West-152
Zaragoza, Miguel Instructor (part-time) x78393 West-152

Computer Information Systems and Business Education

Ayotte, Jane Instructor (part-time) x78492 West-152
Frates, Jeffery Instructor (Part-time) x77644 West-152
Germann, Kenneth Instructor (part-time) x57503 West-152
Hammond, William Instructor (part-time) x56224 Online
Huynh, Loc Instructor x56227 West-121
Khan, Rokeya Instructor (part-time) x78314 West-152
Najarro, Mauricio Instructor, Department Chair x56228 West-125
Peavler, Jeanette Instructor (part-time) x22277 Online
Ramoo, Ratha Instructor (Part-time) x57552 Online
Rivas, Rodolfo Instructor (Part-time) x78533 Wext-152
Shah, Bashir Instructor (Part-time) x78344 Wext-152
Shokouhbakhsh, Ali Instructor (part-time) x77653 West-152
Small, Bruce Instructor (Part-time) x57586 West-152
Tejada, Mario Instructor x56225 West-121
Uwagie-Ero, Francis Instructor (part-time) x78366 West-152
Winkler, Loann Instructor (part-time) x57577 West-152
Wong, Albert Instructor (Part-time) x77652 Wext-152


De Jesa, Napolean Custodian II x56244 Central Plant
Gabaldon, Tony Lead Custodian x56244 Central Plant
Leak, Terrance Senior Buildings and Grounds Worker x56245 Central Plant

Information Technology

Long, Christopher Computer and Network Specialist x56240 West-201

Language Arts

Barcy, Natalia Instructor, (part-time) x77743 West-152
Burgess, Susan Instructor, (part-time) x57528 West-152
Cole, Melinda Instructor, (part-time) x57530 West-152
Colson, Michael Instructor x56223 West-120
Firestone, Diana Instructor, (part-time) x77648 West-152
Flatley-Nott, Anne Instructor, (part-time) x77324 West-152
Huang, Lynn Instructor x56264 West-121
Osowski, Kristin-Ann Instructor, (part-time) x78100 West-152
Schmidt, Roxann Instructor, (part-time) x57558 West-152
Shackett, Chuck Instructor, Department Chair x56217 West-117
Sweet, Jane Instructor, (part-time) x57566 West-152
Swindle, Renee Instructor x56263 West-121
Taylor, Jordan Instructor, (part-time) x78454 West-152
Vasudeva, Mary Instructor, (part-time) x57572 West-152
Zeigler, Katie Instructor, (part-time) x78070 West-152

Math and Sciences

Abadia, Claudia Instructor (part-time) x57523 West-152
Agostini, Aaron Instructor (part-time) x78453 West-152
Akanyirige, Emmanuel Instructor x56231 West-141
Badal, David Instructor (part-time) x78403 West-152
Blatter, Dawnika Instructor (part-time) x57523 West-152
Danner, Elizabeth Instructor (part-time) x78103 West-152
DeGray, Janice Instructor (part-time) x57533 West-152
Gorga, Joseph Instructor, Department Chair x56216 West-117
Gash, Alexander Instructor (part-time) x78517 West-152
Guclu, Ozlem Instructor (part-time) x78043 West-152
Hall, Laura Instructor (part-time) x78221 West-152
Hsieh, Kim-Yo Instructor (part-time) x78532 West-152
Inchauspe, Teresa Instructor (part-time) x57544 West-152
Jamasbi, Nooshin Instructor (part-time) x57508 West-152
Katz, Eric Instructor (part-time) x77436 West-152
Lawrence, Diane Instructor (part-time) x57509 West-152
Lee, Jamie Instructor (part-time) x77068  East-239
Levin, Anna Instructor x56233 West-142
Luong, Xuan (Susan) Instructor (part-time) x79007 East-152
McDonell, Amanda Instructor (part-time) x78749 West-152
Mills, Robin Instructor (part-time) x57545 West-152
Mongold, Santina Instructor (part-time) x56211 East-239
Parasiuk-Zasun, Olesia Instructor (part-time) x77082 West-152
Petersen, Anne Instructor x56847 West-142
Polishchuk, Boris Instructor (part-time) x57549 West-152
Polos, John Instructor x56226 West-124
Reznikov, Gayle Instructor (part-time) x78351 West-152
Rodriguez, John Instructor (part-time) x79006 West-152
Scherer, Asa Instructor x56224 West-152
Sparacio, Suzanne Instructor (part-time) x78032 West-152
Sporer, Rene Instructor x56234 West-143
Triebwasser, Gary Instructor (part-time) x57570 West-152
Walters, Julie Instructor x56235 West-143

San Ramon Campus

Admissions and Records x56261 West-150
Bookstore x56214 West-Learning Commons
Division Office x56202 West-132
Library 925-973-3380 Dougherty Station Library
Police Services x56212 West-Learning Commons
Student Services x56215 West-109
Barnhart, Julie Admissions and Records x56208 West-150
Bell, Andrea Senior Office Assistant x56256 West-129
Cremin, Laura Science Lab Coordinator x56210 East-239
Curtis, Jennifer Admissions and Records x56205 West-150
Gardiner, Sandra Instructional Lab Coordinator x56262 West-148
Hibbard, Randy Police Services x56212 West-102
Holtzclaw, Mike Senior Dean, San Ramon Campus x56203 West-130
Kahue, Marc Police Services x56258 West-102
Marr, Becky Bookstore x56213 West-107
McCollum, Maureen Interim Satellite Business Services Coordinator x56202 West-132
Mongold, Santina Science Lab x56211 East-239
Sarkar, Bobby Bookstore x56214 West-107
Tribble, Kenyetta Interim Sr. Academic/Student Services Manager x56204 West-131
Uawithya, Ann Student Services/Instructional Support Coordinator x56215 West-109