Other disabilities


This category includes all students with disabilities, as defined who do not fall into any of the categories described above, but who indicate a need for support services or instruction. (Title 5)

This includes medical and physical disabilities such as acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), Autism, chronic pain, diabetes, environmental illness, cardiac disorders, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy.


Special accommodations are not always needed for students who have "other" disabilities. Students should meet with a DSS Counselor to discuss their specific situation. Following are various accommodations that might be appropriate:

High Tech Center


Note taking Services

Testing accommodations

Adapted physical education

Note: Due to legal responsibilities, Contra Costa Community College District policy requires that a member of Police Services be summoned in case a person on campus has a seizure with convulsions. Therefore, students with seizure disorders are requested to identify themselves to campus police services for their own safety.