Meet the Student Life Staff


Program Manager
Todd Farr

Advisor for Associated Student of Diablo Valley College and co-Advisor for Inter-Club Council. "The BEST part of my role is that I have the pleasure of working with students daily and supporting our clubs program." Check out our Student Union and get connected today!


Administrative Assistant III
Leigh Apodaca

DVC alum with AGS Permanent Membership! Over 15 years of Student Services experience. My Student Life responsibilities are specifically focused on the financial aspects of student organizations including cash handling training; processing all ASDVC check requests; informing students and staff about best practices and the navigation of various Federal, State and District policies related to student organization financial transactions.

While my desk is located in the Student Life office the majority of my time is devoted to the intake and documentation of all college incidents related to student code of conduct violations. This portion of my responsibilities are under the direct supervision of the Dean of Student Support Services and Dean of Counseling and Enrollment Services who are both college conduct designees.


Program Coordinator
Sara Larkin

Co-advisor for ASDVC Diversity Affairs Committee and Inter-Club Council. Sara is passionate about cultural diversity, inclusion, and supporting students. Sara's role includes: developing, implementing and coordinating campus-wide student programming focused on multiculturalism, leadership, and violence prevention education and awareness. Stop by the Multicultural Center in the Student Union.


Program Coordinator John Christensen

Co-advises the Inter Club Council and supports the clubs program. I have dedicated nearly 30 years serving students at Contra Costa and Diablo Valley Colleges. Having served and chaired on various College and District Committees for many years, I understand the value and importance of the Shared Governance process.


Office Assistant
Ashley Murdock

Clerical support to the Student Life Office and the Multicultural Center program and development. Ashley loves working with the student assistants and serves as their first line of support. She coordinates the Brown Bag lecture series, as well as vending on campus.

Front Desk / Student Assistants





DVC is very diverse with opportunities to meet students from all over the world. We can also attend all kinds of clubs. It is a great place to prepare for transfer into a UC. I think that is probably the main reason people choose DVC, like me. My Major is Computer Science.



I chose DVC because DVC has the best resources for transfer. I like the diversity of this school and learning about different cultures and perspectives through interacting with students from all over the world. I like the professors at DVC. They are willing to help students to succeed not only in academics, but also every aspect of life. I also like how active the students are! I’m part of several clubs, student government and ICC, and I love meeting passionate students through campus activities.  My major is psychology.

 syed  Syed

I like DVC because it’s a small college where you’re able to get much more personalized attention from professors. In addition, DVC ranks among the top California 2 year colleges for transfer rate to many universities both in and out of state.  My major is computer science.

tabitha Tabitha I chose DVC because I didn’t know what my major was coming out of high school, so I decided to enroll in classes that would be transferable. By the second semester I had taken Psychology and Biology classes which I loved, so I ended up deciding on majoring in Biology and a minor in Psychology. What I like about DVC is it gives you time to decide on your major, if you were like me, “undecided”. I also like that it’s not expensive and it gives me leverage when it comes to classes and work load. 
Max Max I love the diversity at DVC and seeing students of all ages and backgrounds coming together to LEARN! Unrivaled opportunities are everywhere you turn with various events designed to connect students to like minded individuals or even career opportunities. I am majoring in Electrical Engineering and seeking a career in clean energy production. Specifically, I want to work on solar roads. Enough about me, come on by, don't be shy, and we'll do our best to help you! 
 panda  Panda (Gerardo) I chose DVC because it was the first college I found success in. The freedom and benefits this place provides is astonishing, from financial aid and brown bag workshops, to ICC and ASDVC; if your major is represented here, you will find the resources to succeed! My major is Computer Engineering, but I enjoy learning anything. The students here come from all over the world, and are some of the best individuals I have met in my life, and I take pride in helping them as they help me. If there is anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask!