Governance committees co-chairs group

Creation and Purpose of the Governance Co-Chairs 

In 2010, DVC modified its college governance structure to one that tis currently based on four college-wide governance committees: College Council, Budget Committee, Integration Council and the Institutional Planning Committee. It soon became apparent that the process of decision-making involved the interaction of these four committees. To improve communication between these committees and to improve the efficiency of decision-making at the college, meetings of the governance co-chairs were started in 2011. Since that time, these meetings have become key mechanisms to ensure prompt, accurate communication between the college-wide governance committees.

Agendas Meeting notes
8-29-12-a 8-29-12-m
9-19-12-a 9-19-12-m
10-24-12-a 10-24-12-m
2-04-13-a 2-04-13-m
4-01-13-a 4-01-13-m
1-26-15-a 1-26-15-m
2-09-15-a 2-09-15-m
2-23-15-a 2-23-15-m
3-09-15-a 3-09-15-m
3-23-15-a 3-23-15-m
4-13-15-a 4-13-15-m
4-27-15-a 4-27-15-m
5-18-15-a 5-18-15-m