Why Guided Pathways at DVC?

Too few students develop and reach their educational goals in a timely manner, resulting in equity gaps in student success. Fragmented college initiatives to date have not solved this problem. We need to transform the college to increase timely success for all of our student populations.

Guided Pathways Steering Team and Design Team Structure (GPS-Team)

GPS puzzle pieces graphic showing workgroups

If you are interested in working on Guided Pathways, please Join a Design Team! (Google form)

Guided Pathways Steering Team Information (GPS)

Meta-Majors July 2018

Meta-Majors July 2018



Lupe Dannels (ldannels@dvc.edu, 925-969-2156), Becky Opsata (bopsata@dvc.edu, 925-969-2724) or Kris Koblik (kkoblik@dvc.edu, 925-969-2253)