Safety on the DVC Campus

The District Police Department is the law enforcement agency for Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill and San Ramon. They are first to respond during campus emergencies. The college Safety Committee focuses on the prevention of injuries and preparation for emergency response and ensures information and training is available to all employees. Training is a joint effort. The Safety Committee, District Human Resources, District Maintenance and Operations, District Police Services, and the college managers all participate in this important effort.

Campus Emergencies, Preparation and Prevention

An emergency is any situation with an immediate threat to life or property, and action or assistance is needed.

Campus Police

The Contra Costa Community College District Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency for Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill and San Ramon.

Safety Tips

These safety tips give you the right attitudes and actions to protect yourself, your belongings, your fellow students, and your campus. Campus safety depends on everyone.

Safety Services and Information for Students

From evening Police Escorts to the student Code of Conduct, and the Students Right to Know  - Clery Act. 

Maintenance and Operations

Please call the office if you are experiencing an emergency so we can dispatch someone as soon as possible.  

Report a Concern

If you see something, say something! You can say it here or report it to the silent witness tip line.