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 What is an internship?

 An internship is a form of work-based learning that integrates a student's academic experience with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Characteristics that describe an internships are

  • The experience is a skilled or professional level assignment
  • In the area of a student's vocational or academic major or field of interest.
  • Has a specific time frame ex., 1 semester, 3 months, 8 weeks
  • Does not guarantee permanent employment
  • Can be paid or unpaid
  • Must be supervised

What is Work Experience Education (WRKX)?

Work Experience Education, formerly known as CO-OP, is an individualized work-based learning course where students earn college credit for on-the-job training and experience at their job or paid/unpaid internship or volunteer position.

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 ADDITIONAL INTERNSHIPS LISTING SITES - Extensive listings of internships

from 7,000 companies

LinkedIn internships- Sign in to see listings in a variety of fields

via your LinkedIn account

College Central Network Database- Sign-in via CNC

Bay Area Volunteer Information Center- Lists Bay Area nonprofit organizations

that need volunteers to support their services.

Sometimes that best way to get experience and learn new skills is to volunteer,




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