Dance Success Stories

DVC Dance performanceCome dance with us! We welcome dancers of all levels and genres who want to expand their knowledge in dance and/or pursue a career with dance as an emphasis. Students in the dance program will gain a comprehensive understanding of this exciting field through studying core dance technique courses in ballet, modern, and jazz dance. The program also offers classes in various other dance genres such as hip hop, tap, and salsa/latin dance. 

Hear from students of our dance program who've had an opportunity to study a variety of classes, dance techniques, theory, choreography, and production taught by instructors who have extensive experience in the dance industry.

  • Lataycha Washington

    The DVC dance program was definitely a one of a kind experience! I learned many new things about dance that made me appreciate the art form on a deeper level. The different humanities, music theory, and ballet history classes required to obtain a degree were challenging; but vital information all professional dancers should know. The program was more textbook and course work driven than anticipated but I later appreciated learning the history of dance from a classroom desk, then applying it in the dance studio. It really pushed me to not just feel but to understand where the physical movement was coming from. Performing and choreographing for the dance shows was always a creative and vibrant process. We spent weeks teaching and learning original pieces, picking music, dancers, costumes, staging, lights, etc. And it was all very rewarding to share with our family and friends during the dance showcase weekend!

    - Lataycha Washington, AA - Dance Performance/Choreography 2017 Industry performer

  • Elizabeth Martinie

    Coming into the dance department from DVC Drama was extremely helpful because they prepared me for the unpredictability of dance calls, intense choreography, and vocabulary that I would need to know moving on in the industry. Most importantly, they helped me understand how my body works and what I need to do to keep it strong, healthy, and ready for what this career path has in store for me.

    - Elizabeth Martinie, AA Tech Theatre and Theatre Arts at DVC, B.S. Theatre Arts Musical Theatre and Shakespeare Studies

  • Moriah Costa

    DVC Dance has given me an outlet for my passion that has given me numerous performance opportunities, strengthened my ability to teach at studios, and helped cultivate my skills and technique. The corrections given in techniques classes made me a much stronger dancer while the theory classes the program offers gave insight into who I am as an artist and developed my approach to choreography while learning about the history of the subject, and musical composition. DVC dance program is incredibly welcoming and beneficial to those just beginning their dance journey ,and to those who have been at a studio since childhood. Most of all DVC dance provides a sense of community with incredible guidance from its amazing faculty, and I will forever cherish my experience here.

    - Moriah Costa, AA Dance

  • Joshua Schodorf

    I only danced for a couple of years before entering the DVC dance program as a self-taught dancer, but it turned out to be the best decision I made. I was getting to work with the fantastic dance instructors, including the remarkable Kimberly Valmore, at the time, who helped me strengthen my skills by teaching me the foundation that I was needing.

    - Joshua Schodorf Independent Dancer/Choreographer

Learn more about dance

DVC dance studentsTo suit student needs, a variety of courses are offered from introductory levels to advanced dance training. Additionally, the dance program provides academic courses in choreography, music for dance, dance history and dance appreciation. Lastly, the DVC dance program also features two productions every year in the DVC Performing Arts Center, which showcases a spacious proscenium theater. All students are welcome to perform in our faculty and guest artist choreographed Repertory concert or our student choreographed Dance Productions. View past performances to get inspired!

As a student of the dance program, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of this exciting field through studying the following courses:

Core Dance Technique
Core Technique 1
  • DANCE 212: Ballet I
  • DANCE 222: Jazz Dance I
  • DANCE 232: Modern Dance I
Core Technique 2
  • DANCE 213: Ballet II
  • DANCE 223: Jazz Dance II
  • DANCE 233: Modern Dance II
Core Technique 3
  • DANCE 214: Ballet III
  • DANCE 216: Pointe Technique
  • DANCE 224: Jazz Dance III
  • DANCE 234: Modern Dance III
  • KNDAN 164A: Ballroom/Social Dancing I
  • KNDAN 166: Swing Dance
  • KNDAN 168A: Salsa and Latin Dance I
  • KNDAN 169A: Argentine Tango
  • KNDAN 160A: Tap Dance I
  • KNDAN 160B: Tap Dance II
  • KNDAN 162: Broadway Dance
  • KNDAN 170A: Beginning Hip Hop and Urban Funk
  • KNDAN 170B: Intermediate Hip Hop and Urban Funk
  • KNDAN 105A: Pilates Mat Work I
  • DANCE 201: Western Dance History: 20th Century-Present
  • DANCE 205: Music Theory for Dancers
  • DANCE 250: Dance Choreography
  • DANCE 242: Reperatory Dance Production I
  • DANCE 243: Reperatory Dance Production I: Tech Week
  • DANCE 244: Reperatory Dance Production II
  • DANCE 245: Reperatory Dance Production II: Tech Week
  • DANCE 246: Dance Production I
  • DANCE 247: Dance Production I: Tech Week
  • DANCE 248: Dance Production II
  • DANCE 249: Dance Production II: Tech Week
  • DANCE 256: Dance Production Choreography
  • DANCE 257: Dance Production Choreography: Tech Week
  • HUMAN 105: Introduction to Humanities, Arts and Ideas
  • MUSIC 114: World Music
  • ENGL 150: Introduction to Literature
  • ENGL 162: Language, Literature and Culture
  • DRAMA 139: Introduction to Theatre
  • DRAMA 142: Multicultural Perspectives in American Theatre
  • DRAMA 111: Introduction to Lighting Design
  • DRAMA 112: Introduction to Stage Makeup
  • DRAMA 113: Costume Design
  • DRAMA 122: Basic Principles of Acting
  • DRAMA 200: Introduction to Technical Theatre