Architecture and Engineering Department

Welcome to Diablo Valley College's architecture and engineering department. Our department has a variety of programs where you can gain a degree, certificate, or electives for transfer. Learn more about these programs in the links below. 

Architecture Design and Technology

The Architecture Design and Technology program is a great option if you are interested in gaining an entry-level internship or continuing your education at a four-year institution. 


Completing a certificate through our Construction program will help qualify you for position as a supervisor or middle manager in the construction industry. 

Electrical and Electronics Technology 

The Electrical and Electronics Technology program will prepare you for a career in installing, repairing, maintaining, and servicing electrical and electronics equipment. 

Energy Systems 

The renewable and sustainable energy systems industry is growing and is a great career path if you are interested in the installation, design, or maintenance of these systems. 


The Engineering program is ideal if you are planning on transferring to a four-year institution to gain a bachelor's degree.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR)

The HVACR program will give you the skills for a career as a heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic and installer. Apprenticeship opportunities are also available.

Industrial Design/Product Design

DVC offers an Associate of Science degree and a Certificate of Achievement in Industrial Design. Graduates of the program can be employed in product design, package design, soft goods design, transportation design, manufacturing, engineering, research and development, rapid prototyping and fabrication, set and exhibit design, and 3D CAD modeling.

Engineering Technology 

The Engineering Technology program will prepare you to work on repairs and troubleshooting tasks in large manufacturing operations, such as refineries, chemical plants, water utilities, and steel manufacturing.  


The Plumbing program will give you the necessary skills for a career in residential, commercial and industrial plumbing. Apprenticeship opportunities are also available. 


The Steamfitting program is offered in collaboration with the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union Local 159. 

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Contact Architecture and Engineering Department

Department contact, Steamfitting, Plumbing, HVACR, Construction

Contact: Joe Valdez
Telephone: 925-969-2368
Office location: ET-116D campus map

Architecture Design and Technology, Mechanical Technology 

Contact: Daniel R. Abbott
Telephone: 925-969-2373
Office location: ET-119D campus map

Electrical and Electronics Technology, Energy Systems

Contact: John W. Henry
Telephone: 925-969-2377

Office location: ET-124A campus map


Contact: Mohammed Panahandeh
Telephone: 925-969-2372
Office location: ET-119C campus map

Engineering Technology

Contact Jeffery Smith
Telephone: 925-969-2378
Office location: ET-124B campus map