Biological Sciences

Possible career opportunities in biological science

Career options include: researcher, educator, laboratory technician, botanist, ecologist, and field technician.

Possible career opportunities in horticulture

Career choices in horticulture include: nursery technician, propagator, plant breeder, nursery manager, greenhouse grower, greenhouse manager, garden center manager, arborist/tree worker, landscape architect, landscape designer, grounds manager, landscape contractor, landscape maintenance contractor, golf course manager, and pest controller/advisor.

Possible career opportunities in oceanography

Oceanographers are employed as researchers and/or educators by public and private research institutions, universities and colleges. Careers include laboratory or field technicians, water monitoring specialists, environmental protection workers, consultants, natural resource managers and sometimes careers working with marine animals at aquariums, theme parks, or research facilities. Most career options require more than two years of college study.

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Welcome to the DVC Biology Department

Biology is the study of life from a molecular to an ecological perspective-the study of living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, metabolism, evolution and interrelationships. Career opportunities include environmental biology, biotechnology, the health sciences, education and agriculture. Classes are much smaller than first and second year university courses and there is more opportunity for one-on-one teacher and/or tutor meetings. DVC is one of the leading transfer institutions in the country, and the biology department courses are transferable to UC and state universities. You can check the transferability of DVC courses. We also offer prerequisite courses for nursing, dental hygiene, dental assisting, respiratory therapy and other programs.

The department offers a wide range of courses, including:

  • general and molecular biology and nature study
  • anatomy
  • microbiology
  • physiology
  • marine biology

  • Horticulture offers a variety of courses ranging from basic horticulture to plant propagation and landscaping.
  • Nutrition offers courses from general nutrition (prerequisite for many health-related programs such as nursing) and sports nutrition.
  • Oceanography offers courses in the biological and physical aspects of the oceans.

Biology Class Schedules

To find the currently available BIOSC, HORT and OCEAN classes, please use our searchable schedule.

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Chair: Kimberly Taugher
Telephone: 925-969-4255
Office location: SC-310 Campus map


Chair: Bethallyn Black
Telephone: 925-969-4257
Office location: SC-305 Campus map