Computer Science Department directory 

Amarachinta, Lakshmi Instructor (part-time)    
Asher, Leslie Instructor (part-time)    
Blackburn, Daniella Instructor (part-time)    
Burns, Robert Instructor 925-969-2614 LA-111
Chern, Tony Instructor (part-time)    
Colber, Valerie Instructor (part-time)    
Elkady, Amr Instructor (part-time)    
Fogg, Stu Instructor (part-time)    
Johnson, Sam Instructor (part-time)    
Kennedy, Fred Instructor (part-time)    
Khaja, Gene Instructor 925-969-2612 LA-109
Kolen, Heidi Instructor 925-969-2613 LA-110
Pentcheva, Caterina Department Chair 925-969-2348 LA-108
Schick, Brian Instructor (part-time)    
Stalica, Hank Instructor (part-time)    
Strait, Michael Instructor (part-time)    
Tajbakhsh, Shahin Instructor (part-time)    
Youn, Steve Instructor (part-time)    
Zandi, Lily Instructor (part-time)    
Computer Network Technology Area
Martucci, Cheryl Area Head 925-969-2486 FO-231/ATC-110A
Mount, James Instructor (Part-time)    
Vonberg, Ken Instructor (Part-time)    
Math/Computer Science and Business Education Divisions
Ahola, Margie Senior Administrative Secretary 925-969-2688 MA-267
Math/Computer Science and Business Education Divisions
Prapavessi, Despina Dean 925-969-2689 MA-267