Parsing Tools

The Computer Science department is happy to make available to all DVC faculty a series of "parsing" tools. Parsing is when the computer "looks" through some text, in order to pull out some information.

The tools can be accessed via the menu below. Here is an explanation of each:

Email parser
Your InSite roster contains a list of student emails. It would be nice to use this list to email your students, but it's not easy to pick out each address one-at-a time. Using the email parser tool, you can select and copy your InSite roster, and then paste it into the box provided here, then click a button, and the parser does all the work!

The parser can present emails either in a list with one email per line (in alphabetical order), or it can present them in a form compatible with the TO, CC, and BCC fields of email programs.

Besides InSite, the email parser can find emails in any page that you can copy and paste into it!

InSite roster parser
If you know how to do it, you can copy and paste your InSite roster into Excel. Then with a few editing steps, you can get the names, IDs, and emails of your students.

But with the roster parser tool, you can paste your InSite into the box provided, and download an Excel spreadsheet with the names, IDs, and emails already in the right places!

Course offering history
View the sections and semesters and instructors for every offer of a selected course since the academic year 2000/01.

About OneDrive
DVC students, instructor, and staff all have access to Microsoft's OneDrive through their portal accounts. It's their own space on the cloud for file storage and sharing.