Computer Science 101 Lab

This is NOT Comsc-100L -- that is a separate course. This page explains the lab portion of Comsc-101 for both face-to-face and online sections, formerly known as "lab by arrangement".

There are two PDF documents that you can download below, containing the requirements for the Comsc-101 lab work. The first includes a series of 10 programming assignments. It's titled "COMSC 101 Programming Assignments". The assignments are designed for students to follow on their own, with help and supervision from their instructor. The purpose is for students to gain an appreciation for the discipline, exactness, patience, and attention to detail that it takes to be a programmer. Consult the instructor for grading and submission requirements for these assignments.

The second is a project in which students design their own "dream computer". The purpose is to stir interest in the elements of computer technology taught in Comsc-101, and to apply what is learned in a real-life situation. It's titled "COMSC 101 Virtual Dream Computer Project". Consult the instructor for grading and submission requirements for this project.

Save to your desktop (or documents folder or wherever you prefer) and open with Adobe Reader so that the hyperlinks work. On a Mac, control-click to download.


  1. Trouble with spelling the same thing the same way twice? Programmers don't spell a variable name more than once. The copy/paste it. This is a great way to avoid typos in programs.
  2. Timing out? Yes, if you wait too long, the page's session expires. It's annoying, but here's what to do: Select your entire program in the edit window, and copy it. Refresh the web page (and lose your program -- temporarily) Then paste it back into the edit box.