DreamSpark Program 

Any student can register themselves for free software by going to Microsoft Imagine. Once the students are registered it is good for a year.

In addition, students currently enrolled in CNT or COMSC classes are entitled to selected free software from Microsoft through its DreamSpark program. In order for a student to participate in this program, their instructor must be a participant in the program. If you are a CNT or COMSC student, ask your instructor if they are participating in the program. If so, they should be able to provide you with directions for activating and using an account.

This program is available only to currently enrolled students. Our agreement with DreamSpark does not allow us to honor requests from formerly enrolled students to replace lost or damaged software.

The software titles listed on the store front are the only ones available. Titles include operating systems (like Windows 8.1) and development tools (like Visual Studio). New titles are added as they become available. If you do not see a title listed, such as Microsoft Office, then it is not available. In fact, as long as DVC has participating in this program, Office has never been offered.

DreamSpark home page

Participating instructors collect their students' Insite portal emails from their InSite rosters and submit them for registration in the program. They do this after the last day to add their course. Students should be alerted via email of their account information, including a URL to use and a password. Check you inbox, junk, and spam folders for a message from noreply@kivuto.com. Make sure your account is not blocking your invitation by going to https://outlook.office365.com/ecp/, signing in, and choosing "block or allow" from the left-side nav. Then select "Don't move email to my Junk Email folder".

If you have not received account information in your email, go to the DreamSpark home page and try signing in with your Insite portal email as your account name, and use the "forgot password" option, because your account may have already been activated. If that doesn't work, check with your instructor to see if he/she is participating, and if not, encourage your instructor to do so.

Some titles download as folders and files, and others as ISO or IMG disk images. To install from folder and files, find the setup.exe file and double-click it. To install from an ISO or IMG, use CD/DVD authoring software like "Roxio" or "Nero" to make a CD or DVD from the ISO, and install from that. Or use virtual DVD drive software, like "MagicDisc". Go to www.magiciso.com/tutorials/miso-magicdisc-history.htm to download and install "MagicDisc" for free. Once installed it appears as an icon next to your digital clock. Right-click it and choose "How to..." for directions on using MagicDisc.

If the software that you download requires a CD key or serial number for installation, you can look it up on DreamSpark by locating the software title, and clicking the delivery type: download, cd checkout, or mail order. If the CD key or serial number are not listed in the summary table, click View Order Details and click the title to access a more complete summary table.

If you need a new activation code for installation, request one through DreamSpark.

Sorry, but the Computer Science department does not provide support other than to arrange for accounts. DVC's IT does not provide support either -- all there is for support is this page!

Your enrollment period will end when the term ends. Sorry, but you will not longer be able to order free software, or to order replacements or additional installs after your enrollment period ends. The software, however, does not expire.