Office Software

Windows 7 supplement to COMSC-100L textbook

Download a PDF that translates portions of the "Skills for Success with Microsoft Office 2013, Volume 1" textbook for differences between Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Office software for students

As part of our district wide agreement with Microsoft, all DVC students will have access to download FREE Microsoft Office Pro software! Students currently have access to download the full version of Microsoft Professional Office Suite for use at home and on multiple devices. This is not the OWA version in the cloud… it is the full version just like we use in our computers labs. There is no catch as long as students maintain their “continuing student” status!

There is a link on each student’s portal page that shows them how to get their free software NOW. Student can find the link on their student portal page on the left hand side. Look for the "Office 365 Pro Plus Benefit for Students" link.

Office software for faculty and staff

To install the software, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to and login to your email account
  2. Click on the “settings wheel” on the upper right corner
  3. Select “office 365 settings”
  4. Select “software” on left side of the window
  5. You should see the Microsoft Office program icons. Click “install” and follow the instructions
  6. When it asks you if you want to run the file, select “Run”.
  7. After you install the program you will be asked to activate the product by using your email and password (email is your portal id + ""