Program Requirements

Kitchen Uniforms

  • 3- Official DVC Chef Coat
  • 3- Black or Checked Chef Pants (each instructor will explain what is required for their class)
  • 3- White Aprons
  • 2- White program berets
  • 1-Pair of black work Shoes
  • 8-White kitchen towels

Dining Room Uniforms

  • 1-Black Polo Shirt with DVC Logo
  • 1-Black Pants
  • 1-Black Long Apron with Pocket

Uniforms can be purchased through our supplier, High End Uniforms. They have our logo and special
Set prices for DVC students already established. Their phone number is 707-746-7011. However, your uniforms can be purchased wherever you like, as long as they conform to the program standards.


  • 1-Chef Knife
  • 1-Boning or Filet Knife
  • 1-Paring Knife
  • 1-Slicing Knife
  • 1-Sharpening Knife
  • 1-Off-set Spatula
  • 1-Thermometer
  • 1-Carry Case
  • 1-Non-Skid/Non-Slip Shelf Liner Other

A specifically ordered knife kit may be purchased from your instructors. Please see them at your earliest convenience.