Public Health

Career opportunities in public health

A public health graduate may work in federal, state or county health agencies, community clinics, voluntary health agencies and hospitals, insurance or pharmaceutical companies.

Career opportunities in addiction studies

The addiction studies counseling certificate prepares students for a career as a substance abuse counselor, community services worker, or an addiction/prevention/intervention educator.

Career opportunities in nutrition

Courses offered within the nutrition discipline prepare students for numerous career paths. These courses begin to prepare the student for careers in food science, dietetics, nursing, dental hygiene, restaurant management, and sports nutrition as well as many other food related or health related professions. Specific courses also meet the requirements for certain certificate programs and majors offered at DVC and other colleges.

Degrees and certificates

Associate in science degrees

Certificates of achievement

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Contact Public Health

Chair: Dr. Kristen Colchico, Public Health
Telephone: 925-969-4254
Office location: HFO-105 Campus map
Contact: Dr. Brandon Ignatowski, Addiction Studies
Telephone: 925-969-4253
Office location: HFO-107 Campus map 
Contact: Teresita Saechao, Nutrition 
Telephone: 925-969-4252
Office location: HFO-106 Campus map 
Contact: Durrain Ansari-Yan, Public Health
Telephone: 510-592-8183
Office location: HFO-108 Campus map 
Contact: Kristen Colchico, Respiratory Therapy 
Telephone: 925-969-4254
Office location: HFO-105 Campus map