Apply to the Dental Hygiene Program

Application period

The application period for the DVC Dental Hygiene Program is closed for acceptance in 2022. All applicants must apply to DVC and receive a Student ID and Insite Portal login to access the Dental Hygiene Program application.

Application Requirements

  • Prerequisite coursework (Note: All science prerequisites need to be completed within the last seven years).
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher for Science, English, and Communications prerequisites
  • Overall GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Dental Hygiene Procedures Observation
  • Submission of official transcripts to DVC Admissions and Records
  • Submission of a complete online Application

Dental Hygiene Procedures Observation

The Diablo Valley College Dental Hygiene Program requires our prospective dental hygiene students to observe an oral prophylaxis or periodontal maintenance appointment, and a nonsurgical periodontal therapy appointment. This form must be completed and signed by the dentist/hygienist regardless of employment experience of the prospective applicant.

Download Observation Form

Official Transcript Submission

The Diablo Valley College Dental Hygiene Program requires official transcript from ALL colleges attended be sent to DVC Admissions and Records by closing of the application period the application closing date.  Exception:  Transcripts from Diablo Valley College, Los Medanos College or Contra Costa College do not need to be sent.

It is the applicants’ responsibility to ensure official transcripts have been received.

  • Electronic transcripts:  Official transcripts can be sent to from the granting institution or transcript vendor only.  Transcripts sent from personal or student email will not be considered.
  • Hard copy transcripts: Official unopened, sealed transcripts can be sent through USPS, Fedex, or other carriers to DVC Admissions and Records, 321 Golf Club Road, Pleasant Hill, CA. 94523.  They can also be hand delivered to the Admissions and Records office on the Pleasant Hill campus.
  • Additional information regarding transcripts can be found at the DVC Admissions and Records Transcript page.

Online Application

Please review the sample application to ensure you have all the required information. You will need your Insite Portal login information to access the online application.

Access to the Online Application will be available on January 1, 2022.

Advisory to students

DVC Dental Programs follow the CDC Recommendations for Immunizations of Healthcare Workers.  Students will need to be immunized before entering the Dental Hygiene Program.

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Contact Dental Hygiene

Chair: Tonette Steeb
Telephone: 925-969-2658
Office location: LHS-108 Campus map