Dental Hygiene Courses and Class Schedule

Dental Hygiene courses

Students enrolled in the Dental Hygiene program can expect to take a variety of courses that will prepare them for their licensing exams. These classes range from Human Anatomy to Oral Health Care. Students will also get hands-on experience in our Community Dental Clinic.

To see a complete list of the required courses, view our catalog.

Dental Hygiene class schedule

Dental Hygiene classes are taught only during the day, and they must be taken in a specific order. See our course sequence guide or contact one of our faculty and staff members for details.

To see the current or upcoming Dental Hygiene classes, view our searchable schedule.

Additional Dental Hygiene information

Required prerequisites 

The Dental Hygiene program requires seven prerequisites courses that must be completed with a "C" or higher. See our sample Dental Hygiene Application for details. 

Dental hygiene externships 

Externships are also available for students to gain experience and help local communities. Currently these externships include the Native American Health Clinic and La Clinica.

Recommended preparation 

Although not required, high school and college prep classes are recommended for anyone who is interested in dental hygiene. These classes include, algebra, biology, chemistry, and physiology. 

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Contact Dental Hygiene

Chair: Tonette Steeb
Telephone: 925-969-2658
Office location: LHS-108 Campus map