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Summer: Due to COVID-19, our face-to-face courses in kinesiology, activity and athletics are now fully online this summer! Want to take a summer course? Contact instructors right away! Most courses begin the week of June 15, or will start soon.

Fall: Classes begin August 24. Fall courses will be offered online or as a hybrid (partially online/in-person). We have a variety of courses to choose from! 
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Athletic coaches are not only leaders, but also important role models to America's youth. At Diablo Valley College, the physical education-coaching program is designed for students who are interested in obtaining a job as an athletic coach.

The program offers two options. Students can choose to earn a certificate or an associate in science degree. Both programs offer the same basic core courses, which prepare students for a career as an effective youth or secondary school coach, while the associate in science degree program includes the general education courses necessary to facilitate transfer to a four-year school.

Specific sport options presently offered include baseball, basketball, cross-country, football, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, volley ball and water polo. Through both classroom and practical laboratory experiences, students explore the professional aspects of coaching by studying sport-specific coaching theory, sports psychology, conditioning program development, exercise techniques and physical fitness testing, advanced first aid/CPR and sports nutrition.

Fitness Instruction/Personal Training

Over seventy percent of Americans who start an exercise program quit within six months. More and more people are turning to a fitness instructor or personal trainer as a practical means of developing and maintaining a fitness routine.

Personal trainers offer their clients a variety of services including fitness and goal assessment, exercise program design, instruction on proper exercise technique, motivation, and post physical therapy injury rehabilitation. Some personal trainers also provide nutrition counseling and weight-loss management services.

At Diablo Valley College, the fitness instruction and personal training program offers two options. Students can choose to earn a certificate or an associate in science degree. While both programs offer the same core courses in exercise science, the A.S. degree program includes the general education courses necessary to facilitate transfer to a four-year school.

As a fitness instruction and personal training student, you will acquire insight into the functioning of the various body systems and how they adapt to exercise. Utilizing these principles, you will develop the ability to design exercise programs and teach proper exercise technique. through both classroom and practical laboratory experiences, students will also study the professional aspects of personal training and fitness instruction, physical fitness testing, sports medicine, sports psychology nutrition and first aid/CPR.

Sports Medicine / Athletic Training

A certified athletic trainer is a well-trained allied health care professional who plays an integral part in a complete athletic program. Working closely with physicians, certified athletic trainers provide services to athletes including prevention, evaluation, initial management, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. An athletic trainer also services as a consultant and adviser to athletes, parents and coaches.

A certified athletic trainer must obtain a bachelor's degree from a Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) accredited program. The curriculum will include courses in the prevention, recognition and management of sports related injuries complemented by the study of health, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, physics and psychology.

At Diablo Valley College, the sports medicine and athletic training associate degree program combines academic, laboratory, and clinical experience that prepares students to transfer to a four-year college or obtain employment as an entry-level rehabilitation or allied health paraprofessional.

Through both classroom and job shadowing experiences you will gain an in-depth understanding of the variety of career opportunities that are available. You will learn practical skills such as taping, first aid, injury evaluation, therapeutic exercise instruction and clinical problem solving.

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Possible career opportunities

Sports medicine/athletic training prepares students for transfer into professional programs leading to careers in athletic training, physical therapy, physician assisting, and medicine. Other degrees and certificates available in physical education can lead to a career as a coach, personal trainer, group exercise instructor, or strength and conditioning coach.

Degrees and certificates offered by the Kinesiology Department

Associate in arts degree

  • Dance (DANCE)

Associate in science degrees

Associate in science degree for transfer

Certificates of achievement

  • Coaching (KINES)
  • Group exercise instruction (KINES)
  • Personal training (KINES)

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