DVC dance presents it Fall 2020 ‘virtual’ Repertory Production “WEdancers calling for awareness and change through the art of dance.” This show speaks to the thoughts, ideas, and concerns of the students during this very difficult time of quarantine, Covid and social issues. The video features various locations on the DVC campus shot by Borna Moinpour, choreography by the DVC students, Rebecca Kang-Grey, Stephanie Tobon (additional video editor/choreographer), and Kimberly Valmore (Faculty/DVC Dance Coordinator) with additional sound editing by Hailey Pecknold. View trailer below, or watch the full version.

Possible career opportunities

Students who receive a degree in dance can not only pursue a career as a professional dancer in commercial dances onstage and in film, but they may also seek careers as dance therapists, dance instructors, or choreographers. Degree recipients can apply their knowledge of dance in areas such as arts administration, studio management, arts grant writing, and dance notators for dance companies.

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DANCE  and KNDAN class schedules

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Welcome to DVC DANCE

Diablo Valley College offers a variety of dance classes for students seeking activity or pre-professional dance training. Dance Classes can be found under KNDAN or DANCE section of the DVC catalog.

Classes listed under KNDAN are activity based classes geared for the recreational dancer with little to no dance training. Classes listed under DANCE are for students who have previous dance training, accelerated dancers, pre-professional dancers and dancers who wish to pursue a career in the dance field.

Students are encouraged to speak with a faculty member regarding placement in upper level dance classes and/or any classes beyond the fundamentals level.

Why DVC Dance?

Diablo Valley College's Dance enjoys a reputation for quality, creativity and a comprehensive curriculum. The PE Department promotes high artistic and technical standards. Instructors excel in their dance disciplines. Many dance faculty are outstanding performing artists and choreographers; several have been recognized by major arts organizations in the Bay Area. The student completing a two year program will have the opportunity to transfer to most UC/State dance programs as well as receiving strong core dance training for other dance job related activities.

Current show information

Every year DVC dance puts on two productions: the winter production is choreographed by our faculty members and the spring production is choreographed by the students in the program. Both shows touch on various styles of the dance; including, modern, jazz, ballet, Latin, and ballroom. The productions are always very beautiful and quite a visual treat.

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