Library Technology Certificate and Degree Pathways 

Technology gives the average person access to endless amounts of information. It is the job of a library technician to manage data and help people find the information they are looking for. Library technicians often work with a wide variety of people such as, clients, students, faculty, and children in the community. Although most library technicians work in public, school, or college libraries, there are many other library and information centers where you can gain employment. 

Completing the Library Technology Program will give you an in-depth understanding of information organization and retrieval, hands-on experience in a library or information center, and prepare you for a career as a library technician. 

Our Library Technician program offers: 

You can learn more about the requirements in our catalog.

We know that navigating degree requirements can be tricky. Once you have enrolled at DVC, you can schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss which option is best for you or contact the program coordinator, Tamar Kirschner, for more information.

Libraries can be found in: 

  • schools at all levels
  • local communities
  • museums
  • hospitals
  • law offices
  • cultural and religious organizations
  • publishing, software, and social media companies

For more information on possible career options, please visit library technology job announcements, DVC's Career Center, or schedule an appointment with a counselor. Please note that you cannot meet with a counselor or staff member until you are enrolled at DVC.

Diablo Valley College offers degree and certificate programs in a variety of subjects. For a complete listing, see certificates and degrees.

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Program lead: Tamar Kirschner
Telephone: 925-969-2598
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