Getting Started

It's easy getting started with the DVC Library Tech program

There are no pre-requisites, simply apply to the college and register for your classes. Contact Program Lead, Tamar Kirschner (925-969-2598) or a college counselor for advisement.

Step One:

Apply to Diablo Valley College. To gain priority registration, complete the online orientation, take the assessment, and receive academic advising. For more information, visit Steps to Enroll

Step Two:

With the username and student ID number your received via email,  log in to Insite/WebAdvisor to register for classes.

Step Three:

Register for the Library Technology or LT classes being offered during the upcoming semester. Remember to search for Library Technology (LT) and Library Studies (LS).

Step Four:

Visit Financial Aid to apply for loans, scholarships, etc., and pay for classes.

Step Five:

Go to your first class and take the first step to being a paraprofessional in the library industry. 

For Further Help

Also feel free to contact:

Tamar Kirschner