Library Technology Program

Library technicians have exciting and dynamic careers working with ever-changing technologies. As information streams into our lives from multiple sources, it is the job of a library technician to help manage this vast collection of recorded knowledge, enabling people to find the information they need.

Library Technology Program Overview

The DVC Library Technology Program will give you an in-depth understanding of information organization and retrieval, hands-on experience in a library or information center, and prepare you for a rewarding career as a library technician.

Library technicians work with a wide variety of people such as, clients, students, faculty, and children in the community. A Diablo Valley College graduate of the library technology program is well prepared for employment in a library or information center. Libraries can be found in:

  • schools at all levels
  • local communities
  • museums
  • hospitals
  • law offices
  • cultural and religious organizations
  • publishing, software, and social media companies

If you enjoy helping people, and are interested in information research, retrieval and management, consider a career in library technology!

Video: Library technicians

Watch this short video to find out if a career in library technology might be right for you.

Certificates and Degrees

Our Library Technology Program offers:

  • a certificate of achievement-library technology
  • an associate in science degree-library technology

For more information on possible career options, please visit library technology job announcementsCareer Centerschedule an appointment with a counselor, or contact the program coordinator. Please note that you cannot meet with a counselor or staff member until you are enrolled at DVC.

Employment Opportunities

What kind of jobs will I be qualified for after completing the program?

Some of the various job titles include: library technician, library assistant, instructional media assistant, information specialist, digitization technician, and library media specialist.  Explore local job announcements.

What is the salary range for jobs in this field?

Bay Area salaries range between $30,000 to $50,000, depending on type of employment:

  • $18.23/hour for assistants 
  • $24.11/hour for technicians

What transferrable skills will I have gained after completing the program?

  • customer service and support
  • problem-solving
  • information organization, management, research and retrieval 
  • information evaluation and critical thinking
  • digital fluency
  • computer / device technology and proficiency
  • software troubleshooting
  • communication, presentation and teaching

Labor Market Information

The most recent labor market information predicts an over 20% increase in library technician positions from 2015 through 2021. Between January 2015 and November 2017 over 1,900 unique job postings were announced for hiring. See the most recent Labor Market Information report.

Fall 2018 Class Schedule

LT-101 - Foundations of Library and Information Services (3 units)
Saturdays, 9:30 - 11:50 am, September 15 - December 8

An introduction to the missions, services, operations, and staffing of libraries and information centers, this class teaches the tools and terminology of library services, the library technician’s role in the delivery of services, and strategies for successful career development are emphasized. The course also explores current issues and trends, as well as the relationship of libraries to the communities and populations they serve.

Instructor: Emily Bergfeld, Librarian, Alameda County Law Library and Adjunct Faculty Librarian, Diablo Valley College

LT-105 - Reference and Research Services: Tools and Techniques (3 units)
Tuesdays,  6:00 - 8:50 pm, September 4 - November 20

This course studies and practices the use of print and online information resources found in all types of libraries, and the effective reference service skills to assist library users in a variety of settings.

Instructor: Amelie Brown, Adjunct Faculty Librarian, Diablo Valley College

LT-111 - Storytelling (2 units)
Thursdays, 6:00 - 8:50 pm, September 6 - November 15

An introduction to storytelling designed to develop skills as storytellers in the library, classroom, home, and other settings. The class will survey various types and formats of storytelling and provide practical experience in presenting and evaluating stories.

Instructor,  Adjunct Faculty Librarian, Contra Costa College and City College, San Francisco

Register today via the Insite Portal. If you're just starting take the steps to enroll. Contact the program coordinator, Andy Kivel for advising or schedule an appointment with a college counselor.

Meet our Faculty and Staff

Diablo Valley College’s library technology faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you succeed through every step of the program.  

Partial list of current faculty

Emily Bergfeld 

Amelie Brown 

Amanda Choi 

Tamar Kirschner 

Paizley Spencer 

Success Stories

Students at 15 OUSD Schools Receive Enhanced Support From Newly Minted Library Technicians

By John Sasaki, For Oakland Unified School District OUSD Cohort

Twelve OUSD library clerks who support at least fifteen different schools are now officially Library Technicians after graduating from an intensive program at Diablo Valley College. The program is designed to elevate the skills and qualifications of clerical library staff and provide a District-sponsored career ladder. Read more... 

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Contact Library Technology

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Telephone: 925-969-2598
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