Self-Paced Mathematics at DVC

Students in the DVC Self-Paced Mathematics program learn on their own at a flexible pace, within certain deadlines. Instead of regularly scheduled lectures, students study with the help of a variety of resources: an interactive online math program, the instructor and tutors, and an optional textbook. The online program lets students repeat homework with immediate feedback until they have mastered the material. It also gives students explanations, sample problems, videos, powerpoints and animations. Once a student has demonstrated mastery of a set of material (including passing exams), they move on to the next set of material.

Frequently asked questions

Which Math classes are offered in the self-paced format?

Math 085SP (arithmetic and algebra), Math 119SP (beginning and intermediate algebra), Math 135SP (college algebra), and Math 191SP (precalculus).

How is a Self-paced Math course different from a lecture course?

The main difference between self-paced and lecture courses at DVC is working self-paced allows students to take one class over multiple terms, or to take multiple classes in one term. Other differences include working on one's own, no lecture from the instructor and dedicated one-on-one help, as well as study and time-management skills.

How is a Self-paced Math course the same as a lecture course?

Self-paced Math classes have the same number of units as a lecture class, and the same expectations of hours spent on the course each week. The courses cover the same mathematics material, and have the same Student Learning Outcomes, and course objectives for the mathematics content.

What types of students enroll in Self-paced Mathematics?

  • those who don’t have time in their schedule for a full-length class

  • those that just need a little review to move quickly though the material

  • students that need a slower pace than lecture classes

  • students that don’t learn well in the lecture environment

Successful students in Self-paced Math are self-motivated, comfortable using computers and working online, and have good time-management skills.

For more information:

Contact the Self-Paced Mathematics program coordinators during Fall and Spring semesters:

The DVC Mathematics department does not offer Self-paced Math classes during the summer.