MUSIC-109/209: Rap/Rock Fusion Ensemble
Spring 2018 Dr. Terence Elliott
Student composer final chamber works performed by DVC students
MUSIC-121: Intro to Music Composition 
Fall 2016 Dr. Nick Vasallo
Student composer final chamber works performed by DVC students.

Dark Matter II. the formation of galaxies 
Composed by Nick Vasallo.
Electronic beat arranged by Michael A. Wagner.

Performed by Mobius Trio:
Mason Fish, Matthew Linder, and Robert Nance with guest DVC Music Industry Studies major, Sean Hunter.

Recorded at DVC Viking Studios on November 6, 2015. Engineered by Guy Lento.
Audio and Video produced, mixed, and edited by Dr. Nick Vasallo.

Filmed by DVC students: John Archuleta and Daniella Hill.

Music Industry Studies at DVC