Philosophy Success Stories

Arielle Schussler - DVC philosophy graduate

Arielle Schussler“When I first came to DVC, I was intent on pursuing a Psychology major. But I took the Intro to Philosophy course during my first term. I was instantly hooked. I loved that we were reading primary texts, that our discussions were in-depth and illuminating, and that everything we read was then grounded and applied to our real-world experience. It is potentially very easy (or tempting) to dismiss Philosophy as abstract and antiquated, but I quickly realized in my classes at DVC that Philosophy is not only timeless, but also necessary to function as a human being in today’s society.

The Philosophy classes at DVC gave me the ability to articulate the questions I always wanted to ask and helped me formulate questions I never knew I wanted answered. I have always believed other majors taught you what to think, but Philosophy taught you how to think. And I started to learn how to think in those Philosophy classes at DVC.” 

Lester Abesamis - DVC philosophy graduate

Lester Abesamis“Studying philosophy at DVC was definitely a formational and engaging experience. The approach to the material allowed me to be extremely introspective, which I feel has enhanced my overall worldview. I was able to appreciate the wisdom offered by both ancient and modern philosophers, as well as apply their views to other fields within the humanities.”  






Kate Loveless - DVC philosophy graduate

Kate Loveless“My time at DVC gave me a well-rounded foundation in philosophy. I also found the professors to be incredibly invested in the success of their students. They helped me get through the grueling graduate school application process. I will be forever grateful for the time and care they invested in my future.”