Considered a branch of physics, astronomy is really a marriage of the physical sciences from planetary science and atmospheric science, to physics and chemistry. Study in astronomy prepares students for careers in scientific research, systems analysis and engineering, as well as software engineering and development.


The planetarium at DVCExperience the night sky rain or shine in high definition in DVC’s planetarium. Immerse yourself under the night sky and view the stars and planets as people did thousands of years ago in the days before light pollution. Observe the apparent movements of the night sky while you are transported to different locations across the globe.



Student using telescope at DVCUse our fully automated telescopes to find astronomical objects in the night sky. View the galaxies and nebulae with light gathering power 800 times more than your eyes. Through our telescopes, view the Moon’s craters and Saturn’s rings 50 times larger than what your eye can see.


Course Descriptions

Astro 110

This course covers fundamental concepts in astronomy and observational techniques including selected mathematical concepts used in developing an understanding of celestial motions and coordinate systems and their importance to humanity. The planetarium sky provides students with the opportunity to observe concepts presented in class.

Astro 120

This course presents an introduction to an elementary mathematical approach to the solving of problems relating to solar and stellar systems. Properties and evolution of stars and galaxies as well as their role in the evolution of the universe will be the major emphasis. Instrumentation used for and the analysis of electromagnetic radiation will also be discussed.

Astro 130

The laboratory course presents the study of the fundamentals of astronomy and includes investigations of the sun, moon, planets, stars and galaxies. Telescopes and other instruments are used by students to gather data. Students analyze data they have collected as well as that collected by others.


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