Program Directory

DVC's Sociology/Anthropology/Social Science program offers students a broad array of courses in three disciplines: sociology, anthropology, and inter-disciplinary social sciences. Follow the links below to a description of each of the separate disciplines. You can also click on the links to the left to find classes in each of these disciplines.

English and Social Science
Vazquez, Obed Dean 925-969-2423 FO-136
Martin, Lisa Senior Administrative Assistant 925-969-2452 FO-136
Social Science
 Cloward, Jeremy Instructor (Part-time)   FO-136 
Foley, Mark Instructor (Part-time)    
Higdon, Nolan Instructor (part-time)    
Huff, Mickey Instructor 925-969-7342 FO-132
Krause, Lyndon Instructor 925-969-2504 FO-259
Staking, Kimberlee Instructor (Part-time) 925-969-  
Minty, Michelle  Early Childhood Education-Children's Center Adm, Assistant 925-969-2386 CC-N
Wilson, Stephanie Clerk, Foster Kinship Care/Heritage   925-969-2024 FO-127
Social Science (Anthropology)
Bazua, Carlos Instructor (part-time) 925-969- FO-150
Cross, Lauren Instructor (part-time) 925-969- FO-150
Cusimano, Daniel Instructor (part-time) 925-969- H-104
Gallin, Lenore Instructor 925-969-2449 FO-126
Hui, Julie Instructor (part-time) 925-969- H-104
 Johnson, Steve Instructor, Area Chair 925-969-2430 FO-149
Leitner, David Instructor (Part-time) 925-969- H-104
 Mercer, Christopher Instructor (part-time)  925-969- H-104
Nakama, Jaime Instructor (part-time) 925-969- H-104
Smithson, Jayne Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7356 FO-251
Social Science (Sociology)
Brown, Nancy Instructor (part-time) 925-969-  
Danenberg, Anne Instructor (part-time) 925-969-  
Hughes, Darroll Instructor (part-time)  925-969- FO-262
Ogutu, Fenno Instructor 925-969-2505 FO-260
Ortega, Frank Instructor 925-969-2505 FO-208
Niyogi, Sanghamitra Instructor 925-969-2498 FO-253
Ramos, Godfrey Instructor (part-time) 925-969-2505 FO-208
Smiley-Ratchford, Lisa Instructor 925-969-2448 FO-209