Social Science Department Directory

English and Social Science
Vazquez, Obed Dean 925-969-2423 FO-134
Martin, Lisa Division-Administrative Assistant 925-969-2452 FO-136
Social Science
Blackman, Jennifer Coordinator, Foster Kinship Care and Heritage Pride Grant 925-969-2024 FO-127
Cloward, Jeremy Instructor (part-time)   FO-251
Foley, Mark Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7342 FO-132
Huff, Mickey Instructor 925-969-2500 FO-155
Social Science (Anthropology)
Bazua, Carlos Instructor (part-time) 78363 H-103
Cross, Lauren Instructor (part-time)  77338 H-103
Gallin, Lenore Instructor 925-969-4237 FO-129
Hui, Julie Instructor (part-time)    
Johnson, Steve Instructor, Area Chair 925-969-2430 FO-149
Mercer, Christopher Instructor (part-time)    
Nakama, Jamie Instructor (part-time) 77611 H-103
Smithson, Jayne Instructor (part-time)  77363  H-103
Social Science (Economics)
Giuili, Maria Instructor 925-969-2484 FO-228
Ramoo, Ratha Instructor, Area Chair 925-969-2479 FO-217
Akaba, Lamine Instructor (part-time)   FO-129
Bajrami, Diana Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7331 FO-132
Brinkely, Garland Instructor (part-time)   FO-132
Gueye, Soouleymane Instructor (part-time)   FO-222
Khan, Rokeya Instructor (part-time)   FO-262
Lebedeva, Natalya Instructor (part-time)   FO-150
Mortimer, Cheryl Instructor (part-time)   FO-132
Yoon, Haengku Instructor (part-time)   FO-262
Social Science (History)
Chlarson, Neil Instructor (part-time) 925-969- FO-257
Corbally, John Instructor 925-969- FO-246
Eigen, Kathryn Instructor  (part-time)    
Francois, Samantha Instructor (part-time)    
Graham, Katherine Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7345 FO-132
Haldan, Kent Instructor (part-time)   FO-257
Higdon, Nolan Instructor (part-time)    
Holmes, John Instructor (part-time)    
Huff, Mickey Instructor, Area Chair 925-969-2500 FO-255
Jacobson, Melissa Instructor, Area Chair 925-969-2494 FO-249
Irwin, Mary Ann Instructor (part-time)    
Krause, Lynden Instructor (part-time)    
Lee, Debbie Instructor (part-time)    
Levine, Marcelle Instructor (part-time)    
Masella, John  Instructor (part-time)    
Powell, Matthew Instructor, Area Chair 925-969-2499 FO-127
Quirarte-Amador, Carmina  Instructor 925-969-2504 FO-259
Rawls, James Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7574  
Schaffer, Bridgett Instructor SRC    
Tilles, Greg Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7567 FO-255
Social Science (Political Science)
Araim, Amer Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7330 FO-237
Blair, Ted Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7332 FO-157
Cloward, Jeremy Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7529 FO-157
Forsyth, Cristofo Instructor (part-time)    
Kropf, John Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7354 FO-134
MacDougall, Scott Instructor, Department and Area Chair 925-969-2432 FO-151
Mazzone, Dorene Instructor 925-969-2478 FO-216
Ponce, Albert Instructor 925-969-2472 FO-210
Social Science (Psychology)
Rode, Lee Instructor, Area Chair 925-969-2426 FO-144
Akiyama, Mark Instructor 925-969-2503 FO-258
Agustin, Gwen Instructor (part time)   FO-153
Burnaford, Rochelle Instructor 925-969-2434 FO-154
Capozzo, Chris Instructor 925-969-2427  FO-145
Catterson,  A. Daniel Instructor 925-969-2436 FO-156
Cricthon, Jerome Instructor (part-time)   FO-153
Diaz-Ford, Kendra Instructor (part-time)   FO-153
Faulkenberry, Ray Instructor (part-time) 77590 FO-129
Feren, Laura Instructor (part-time) 77012  FO-156
Hartshorn, Mary Beth Instructor 925-969-2649 FO-207
Krider, Dana Instructor (part-time) 77353 FO-149
McNeil, Carmen Instructor 925-969-2437 FO-157
O'Neal, Jennifer Instructor (part-time) 77358  FO-149
Oye, William Instructor 925-969-2435 FO-155
Perez, Felicia  Instructor (part-time) 77619 FO-129
Rozalski, Vincent Instructor (part-time)   FO-222
Rubcich, Deidre Instructor (part-time) 78389 FO-150
Sacks, Colin Instructor (part-time) 77360 FO-136 
Seay, Larissa Instructor (part-time)   FO-256
Tinson, Leslye Instructor (part-time)   FO-262
Social Science (Sociology)
Barlow, Andy Instructor 925-969-2424 FO-138
Brown, Nancy Instructor (part-time)    FO-262
Danenberg, Anne Instructor (part-time)   FO-262
Hughes, Darroll Instructor (part-time)    FO-254
Niyogi, Sanghamitra Instructor 925-969-2498 FO-253
Ogutu, Fenno Instructor 925-969-2505 FO-260
Ortega, Frank Instructor 925-969-4308 FO-208
Ramos, Godfrey Instructor (part-time)   FO-208
Smiley-Ratchford,Lisa Instructor  925-969-2448  FO-209